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LED Learning Center + FAQ

How to install LED lights | LED lighting projects

Here at Flexfire LEDs, we try to make LED lighting easy to understand for our customers. Installing LED lighting only requires a few pieces of basic information. Accordingly, here on our website we feature LED strip light examples and ideas as well as tutorials and how to install guides

We also regularly post videos on our YouTube page that cover product information, how to install LEDs, and more. Check out our videos here.

There’s much more information available here on our LED Learning Center page. Click on any of the links below to find out more, and please contact us if you have any other questions not covered here.

LED Strip Information and More

What is an LED strip light and how does it work?

How do LEDs product light?

- What consitiutes a high quality LED strip light? Which are the best?

What is the difference between rope lights and LED strip lights?

What is CRI and why is it important? (Color Rendering Index)

FAQ-Frequently asked questions about LED lighting

What is voltage drop and which wire gauge should I use?

Saving Money with LEDs

Green Tax Credits with LEDs / LED lighting tax incentives

Which LED strip light do I need?

LED Terms and Glossary

LED Strip light Waterproofing (IP) Specifications  (What do IP64 and the IP67 numbers mean?)

RV LED Lighting - Affordable LED motorhome solutions

Top 4 considerations while looking at LED strip lights

Flexfire LEDs Reviews and Comparisons

Superbrightleds vs Flexfire LEDs which LED strip lights are brighter

Comparison Between Maxim Lighting LED tape Light v Flexfire LEDs LED strip Lights


If you have any questions about LED strip lights, feel free to email us at and one of our experienced team members will respond promptly! 

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