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Stairway Lighting

What is Stairway Lighting?

Stairway lighting is a tasteful lighting technique that looks beautiful and serves a functional purpose. The installed lights illuminate the stairs, making an attractive glow while also increasing the visibility of your walkway in a charming manner.

Stairway lighting is a unique but practical way to light up an overlooked, high-traffic area. You can make single runs of light under stair railings or light individual steps. Lighting a staircase has never been easier with flexible, customizable LED strip lights. It just depends on what kind of stairway you have and where you prefer to install the lights. Both ways provide beautiful radiance while allowing you to easily see where you’re going.

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Beautiful Examples of Stairway Lighting

Put lights underneath each tread to create individual glows

Place strip lights on the side of each step for a floating look

For a bolder look, you can position lights in the middle of the steps

Lighting the stairway railings will provide a gentler illumination

Install LED strip lights along the side under the groove or lip for a smooth, clean look

Best LED Strip Lights for Stairway Lighting

If you want a product that looks amazing and will last much longer than traditional fixtures, LED strips make the perfect step lights to bring the beautiful staircase lighting ideas to life. These three LED strips are the best recommended lights for stairway lighting. Each strip is also offered in an outdoor IP65-rated version.

Outline™ Series

Soft, subtle glows of light. Perfect for ambient lighting.

Accent™ Series

Striking, seamless lighting. Perfect for accent lighting.

Architectural™ Series

Bright, intense lighting. Perfect for large commercial projects.

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