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Zurik™ Electronic Universal Dimmable LED Drivers

The Zurik™ EMLV series is Flexfire’s most dynamic driver to date. It utilizes electronic technology to enable flicker free dimming. This driver is smaller and lighter than the Zurik™ MLV series, and it is compatible with more types of dimming technology. Not only is it compatible with MLV dimmers, it is also compatible with ELV dimming technology, giving you more flexibility to power your light design vision.

Zurik™ EMLV series is your go-to choice if: You are planning to install your LED strip lights to a Triac, Forward or Reverse Phase, Magnetic (MLV),  Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) Dimmers, or Lutron/Leviton AC Wall Dimmer (where the dimmer will be installed on the AC side before the driver), you will need to get a Zurik dimmable magnetic or electronic driver.

Example Setup: AC Power - [AC Dimmer] - [Dimmable Driver] - [LED Strip Lights]



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