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How to retrofit your RV with RV LED lights

A RV LED light might be the difference between a night in the dark or a game of cards with your friends. Deciding on what type of lighting to use in your RV or travel trailer can be one of the more important decisions you make as a road warrior. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the dark because your lights are sucking the life out of your battery.

Benefits of RV LED Lights

Motorhome LED lights offer superb efficiency meaning less time running your generator, longer life meaning less replacement, and no hazardous substances like the mercury found in CFL bulbs. So what type of RV LED should you buy? How are you going to install these lights? Flexfireleds.com has the answers to these questions including how to videos and written tutorials giving step by step instructions on how you can start saving yourself from the dark. Most travel trailers and RVs run their lighting on 12v while others run on 24v. Don’t worry FlexFireLEDs.com has you covered either way.

Which RV LED Motorhome Lights Do I Need?

It is important that you know which voltage you are running on. An easy way to figure it out if you are not sure is to look at the base of a light that is already installed. There you will find a 12v or 24v printed. Now we recommend flexible LED strips for most applications inside and outside. This is because they offer dispersed light along a longer span as opposed to a point light source where all the light comes from one small area.

The most common place to put RV LED lights is under the cabinets of the kitchen area and even toward the top of the molding in the kitchen area. At just 48 watts per 16 feet of ColorBright flexible strip LEDs your RV living space will be brighter and more welcoming as well as easier on the eyes. Now if you are worried about the lights being too bright, a problem that most other lighting systems don’t have, we are here to curb your fears. . . RV LED lights from FlexFireLEDs.com are fully dimmable and there are multiple options for dimmers available. Perhaps the most appealing is the wireless key fob dimmer. This dimmer is easy to install. The wire connections are extremely easy. Just like the connection on the back of a speaker, you just pull the plastic tab back and insert the input and output side. TOO EASY.  Then when you are walking up to your mobile palace you can turn the lights on from a key fob on you keys whichs looks just like the thing you use to lock and unlock your car. Imagine being able to turn the lights on from your car or golf cart! The key fob controller/ dimmer currently sells for around $25, an cheap way to make your mobile palace high tech.

What Can I Do With RV LED Lights?

Pretty much anything! Installation is rather easy because there is no need for LED drivers or power supplies. All you need is the RV, LED lights, and a solderless connector if you are installing a flexible LED strip. The solderless connector simply makes it possible to connect the wire from the wall to the strip without having to solder.

We have found that to retro fit an RV with RV LED lights you will need about one reel of ColorBright LED flex strip lights and 5-10 solderless connectors depending on how many different places you want to put them. This will run you about $130.00 for everything you need to start living without squinting.  Make sure you take a little time to search for coupon codes. FlexfireLEDs.com is notorious for giving deals as the market trends in different directions. Good luck on your RV LED lighting retro! 

What you will need to build am amazing RV LED light kit

LED strip lights -

ColorBright™ LED strip lights for under cabinet, accent, and kickboard lighting

UltraBright™ LEDs when you need really bright light

RGB LED strip lights for just about anywhere! These color changing lights bring the party to you!

See our videos at www.youtube.com/flexfireinfo

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