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Flexfire LEDs, Inc - Distributors and Designers

We promise to give you the best products with unparalleled service, every time, guaranteed.  

1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347)

14761 Franklin Avenue, Unit G, Tustin, California, 92780 

Cage Code: 74EL4 
D & B: 06-312-7558 
NAICS Codes: 425110 

Our Mission:

Our mission is to set the standards of excellence within the LED lighting industry by providing only the highest quality fixtures and accessories. We inspire and empower our customers to take an educated step toward the use of ultra-efficient LED lighting.

Our Beliefs: 

We believe in breaking the confines of tradition and exploring our imaginations to create unique and industry-changing products. We are committed to being leaders in the diffusion of LED technology on the global market through education and personal client service.

Our company's success is directly related to the excellence of our product and service offerings. 

Our company is committed to the personal growth and goals of our employees, suppliers, customers, and community.

Our company is located in Orange County, California and as such we are committed to sharing this technology with you anywhere in the world, while seeking out fun and innovative ways to apply it. 

Ten beliefs that run Flexfire LEDs: 

1. We don't just sell, we educate.
2. We obsess over our clients, not our competitors.
3. We are as uncompromising about flawless lighting design as our mission. 
4. We do not make recommendations we would not use ourselves.
5. We believe nothing is ever perfect, as it can always be improved.
6. We value curiosity and the exploration of ideas.
7. We speak the truth and deliver the raw facts.
8. We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome.
9. We are unreasonably selective about quality components.
10. We believe in work/life balance, not work vs. life. 

Our Product Catalog:

Flexfire LEDs Strip Light Catalog


Contact us:

Phone:  1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or (925) 273-9080 

We offer phone support Monday through Friday from 6am - 4pm Pacific Time


Mail and Order Pickup: Warehouse (by appointment only): 14761 Franklin Avenue, Unit G, Tustin, California, 92780 

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Advanced Scientifics


Aviation Capital

Bellagio Villas


Constant Aviation

Department of Air Force

Dow Chemical

Dupont Optical 


Embassy Suites

Florida Institute of Technology

Ford Motor Design Center


Gulf Stream Air Corporation

Honda Aircraft Company

Hyperloop Tech

Image Manufacturing Group

In-n-out burger

International Paper



Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kohler Co.


Lockheed Martin

Long Beach Airport

Popcap Games


Royal Caribbean  

RSG Aerodesign LLC

Sandia National Labs




Smithsonian Institute


Marriott & Royal Beach Casino

TGI Fridays

Thermo Fisher Scientific

TimeWarner Cable Sports


Universal Instruments .

Walt Disney 




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