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Outdoor IP65 Grip Connectors

$8.00 - $15.00

Outdoor IP65 grip connectors for LED strip lights

IP65 Outdoor Solderless Grip Connectors

Our Outdoor IP65 Grip Connectors are the best solution for solderless IP65-rated LED strip light connections. The lightweight yet durable design uses a pierce-to-contact technology to secure weatherproof connections, so there’s no need for tedious soldering.

No need to use weatherproof connectors? Our Solderless GRIP connectors work great with our Indoor-rated (IP20) LED strip lights and are available for our Single Color, Dynamic Tunable White, RGB, and RGB+White LED strip lights.


  • Available in versions for our 12mm Outdoor (IP65) Single Color LED strip lights, our 12mm Outdoor (IP65) Dynamic Tunable White LED strip lights, and our 12mm Outdoor (IP65) RGB LED strip lights.
  • Comes in a pack of 5 connectors
  • Lightweight yet reliable for strong connections.
  • Effortlessly lets you connect to power, jump gaps, and attach strips
  • Fully compatible with LIPOD, KOPRO and ION Alluminum Mounting Channels.
  • For best results, use these connectors with our Electronic Grade Silicone Sealant Adhesive.

→ Choose the C1 Connector with 40" bare wire if you…

  • Want to connect to receivers, power supplies, dimmers, or amplifiers.

→ Choose the C2 Jumper Connector with 8” wire if you…

  • Want to connect an Outdoor (IP65) LED strip to another Outdoor (IP65) LED strip
  • Want to go around columns, cross hallways, etc

→ Choose the C3 Jumper Connector with no wire if you…

  • Want to connect an Outdoor (IP65) LED strip to another Outdoor (IP65) LED strip without wire in between
  • Want to extend your run lengths for larger projects
  • Want to combine scraps together



  • Outdoor IP65 Grip C3 connectors with no wire - Length: 1 ⅝” (40mm) / Width: ¾” (17.5mm) / Height: ⅜” (8.5 mm)
  • Outdoor IP65 Grip C1 and C2 connectors with wire - Length: 1 ⅛” (28mm) / Width: ¾” (17.5mm) / Height: ⅜” (8.5 mm)
  • 8” wire (C2 jumper connectors), and 40” wire (C1 connector).
  • Wire Gauge: 20AWG (for Single Color connectors), and 22 AWG (for Dynamic Tunable White, and RGB connectors).
  • Amperage maximum: 5 amps
  • Works with both 12V and 24V LED strips
  SKU Connector Type Wire Length Wire Gauge Amperage Maximum Dimensions
Single Color P65-GRIP-SC-C1-10-40 Connector With Wire 40’’ 20AWG 5 Amps 1 ⅛” x ¾”⅜” 
IP65-GRIP-SC-C2-10-08 Jumper Connector 8’’
IP65-GRIP-SC-C3-10-0 Jumper Connector No Wire - 1 ⅝” x ¾” x ⅜”
Dynamic Tunable White P65-GRIP-SC-C1-10-40 Connector With Wire 40’’ 22AWG 1 ⅛” x ¾” x ⅜” 
IP65-GRIP-DYN-C2-10-08 Jumper Connector 8’’
IP65-GRIP-DYN-C3-10-0 Jumper Connector No Wire - 1 ⅝” x ¾” x ⅜”
RGB P65-GRIP-RGB-C1-10-40 Connector With Wire 40’’ 22AWG 1 ⅛” x ¾” x ⅜” 
IP65-GRIP-RGB-C2-10-08 Jumper Connector 8’’
IP65-GRIP-RGB-C3-10-0 Jumper Connector No Wire - 1 ⅝” x ¾” x ⅜”


IP65 Outdoor Grip Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can these connectors be submerged?

No, they can withstand vapor condensation and low-pressure jets of water but cannot be submerged under water.

Q: How long should I let the silicone sealant adhesive cure?

Please refer to the silicone sealant’s instructions for curing time recommendations.

Q: Can I load the connectors with more than 5 amps?

It is not advisable to overload the connectors as this will result in future damages to the connectors and your setup.

Q: Which connector should I use to turn a corner?

The C2 connectors are typically used throughout our series for corners, bends and jumps shorter than 8”.

Q: What do I do If my lights aren't lighting up?

  1. Make sure the polarities match.
  2. Make sure that the window of the translucent case and the LED Strip light are facing upward.
  3. Make sure that the connectors are properly closed all the way. The strip should feel secure and not loose.


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IP65 Outdoor Grip Connector Downloads

IP65 Outdoor Solderless Grip Connector - User Guide

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