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The best LED Strip lighting kits
White output LED strip light kits

Static White Output LED Strip Lighting Kits

We've upgraded and simplified our kits so you can find the perfect lighting solution with a few clicks.

3 reviews

Static White - Plug and Play Kit

$185 - $380

9 reviews

Static White - Hardwired Kit

$209 - $735

2 reviews

ClickBright - Plug and Play Kit

$189 - $325

3 reviews

ClickBright - Hardwired Kit

$235 - $475

What's special about our kits?

  • We have developed the best components that will give you the flexibility to place beautiful lighting in many applications
  • Perfectly designed and selected to fit most small to medium projects
  • Science backed unparalleled light quality
  • For when you need to show your true colors, all kits come with High CRI lighting. High color rendering (CRI) up to 98 means that everything the light touches will render just like natural sunlight to your eye. What are High CRI Lights?
  • Fully dimmable
  • Long lifespan and warranty
  • Easy installation
  • 30-day money back guarantee


Accents, under cabinet lighting, hotel rooms, bars, bathrooms and kitchens accents, task lighting, indirect lighting, commercial, architecture, automotive, aerospace, architectural, uplighting, project lighting and more.

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