Superbrightleds vs Flexfire LEDs which LED strip lights are brighter

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Which are the best LED strip lights?

FACEOFF vs. Flexfire LEDs

Though there are many LED distributors that offer a variety of LED strip light products, not all LEDs are created equal. Companies such as Elemental LEDs, superbrightleds, and Eaglelight all offer many LED light strips online as well as a variety of other useful LED products.

SuperbrightLEDs vs. Flexfire LEDs:

We will compare the products and pricing of superbrightleds to those of Flexfire LEDs. We are making this comparison because we have received numerous inquiries asking us if we carry the same LED strip lighting as superbrightleds. This is in no way comparing the professionalism or business practices between superbrightleds and Flexfire LEDs.

We will look at the following 5 meter reels of non-waterproof LED strip lights to compare:

SuperbrightLEDs – “xFLS-CW300” series Warm white
Flexfire LEDs – “Colorbright LEDs” Warm white
Superbrightleds – “2NFLS-CW1200-24V” Bright White
Flexfire LEDs – “Ultra Bright LEDs” Bright White

Lumen Output (Brightness)

Item: xFLS-CW300

     - Only 300 Diodes (LEDs)
      - Only 1,110  Lumens


Item:Colorbright LEDs

 - 600 Diodes
 - 2,500 Lumens
 - 135% Brighter

Item: 2NFLS-CW1200-24V

            - 1200 Diodes
            - 6,478 Lumen


Item: Ultra Bright LEDs

 - 700 LEDs
 - 8,510 Lumens
 - 31% Brighter with 500 less LED

Cost of LED strip light reel

Item: xFLS-CW300


      Item:Colorbright LEDs


Item: 2NFLS-CW1200-24V


     Item: Ultra Bright LEDs


*$19 more for the Colorbright series gets you 135% more brightness

**$10 more for the Ultra Bright series gets you 31% more light and much less in electrical costs

Based on these figures, it is an obvious choice to choose Flexfire LEDs over superbrightleds for strip lights. Both companies offer a 3 year warranty for the LED products. The Ultra Bright LEDs strip lights have 101 lumens per watt. This is a highly efficient and very bright LED strip. This strip is not only for accent lighting or decorative spaces, but can be used as fluorescent or incandescent lighting replacements, workstation lighting, and more.

LED Strip Light Buying Tips:

Remember to compare brightness, energy usage, length, and number of LEDs on the strip when looking to purchase LED strip light products. Some companies try and sell you LED strip light reels
with only 150 LEDs for a much greater price than Flexfire LEDs, which have 600 LEDs.

Now that you have some LED strip lights you need to power them. Some companies sell cheaper LED lights just to make the money back on very expensive LED power supplies. Compare apples to apples when shopping around. A printed name on the product does not mean it is of higher quality, or deserves an outrageous price.

You also need to look at the maximum number of feet that is allowed to be run at once. On very long LED installs, the LED strip lights may dim toward the end of the strip or not light up. This is due to voltage drop. Ask each company what the maximum number of feet is allotted per LED strip product.

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