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Flexfire LEDs, Inc - Distributors and Designers

We promise to give you the best products with unparalleled service, every time, guaranteed.  

1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or 925-273-9080

Contact us:

Phone:  1-844-FLEXFIRE (1-844-353-9347) or (925) 273-9080 

Hours of Operation: Phone support Monday through Friday from 7am - 5pm Pacific Time

Email: or click here to contact us via our Ask Us a Question Form

Warehouse and Order Pickup: Warehouse (by appointment only)3554 Business Park Dr, Suite F. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 

Cage Code: 74EL4  / D & B: 06-312-7558  / NAICS Codes: 425110  

Who we are:

Flexfire LEDs is famous for creating unique interior and exterior lighting experiences by manufacturing and distributing our powerful linear LED strip lighting products. Trusted by the top design and construction firms world-wide, we are the leader in quality LED strip lighting solutions. We're just as crazy about quality components as we are our customer service. 

You may have noticed our beautiful indirect lighting accents in the Bellagio Villas, Embassy Suites, Hilton, and Marriott properties, experienced them inside major international airports and duty free locations, or heard about how we assist the engineers and scientists at JPL, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Bigelow Aerospace, and the Hyperloop project with extremely bright low profile task lighting. If not, there is a good probability you walked into a trendy shopping mall, retail store or beautiful home and noticed the crisp and beautiful lighting provided by our strips. Our strips are UL listed with a 5 year warranty. 

Whatever the lighting challenge is, Flexfire LEDs is here to educate and provide a custom or out of the box solution. Don't just spec us, talk to us! We have a full design team in-house to answer any questions and turn your design ideas into realities. If you use Flexfire LEDs just once, you will never use another strip lighting company again. 

Eleven beliefs that run Flexfire LEDs: 

1. We don't just sell, we educate.
2. We obsess over our clients, not our competitors.
3. We are as uncompromising about flawless lighting design as our mission. 
4. We do not make recommendations we would not use ourselves.
5. We believe nothing is ever perfect, as it can always be improved.
6. We value curiosity and the exploration of ideas.
7. We speak the truth and deliver the raw facts.
8. We give ourselves the autonomy to be awesome.
9. We are unreasonably selective about quality components.
10. We believe in work/life balance, not work vs. life. 
11. We believe in the personal growth of our employees, suppliers, customers, and community.

Our Product Catalog:

Flexfire LEDs Strip Light Catalog



Industry leaders: a few companies that choose Flexfire LEDs


Advanced Scientifics


Aviation Capital

Bellagio Villas


Constant Aviation

Department of Air Force

Dow Chemical

Dupont Optical

Embassy Suites

Florida Institute of Technology

Ford Motor Design Center


Gulf Stream Air Corporation

Honda Aircraft Company

Hyperloop Tech

Image Manufacturing Group

In-n-out burger

International Paper


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kohler Co.


Lockheed Martin

Long Beach Airport

Popcap Games


Royal Caribbean  

RSG Aerodesign LLC

Sandia National Labs



Smithsonian Institute

Marriott & Royal Beach Casino

TGI Fridays

Thermo Fisher Scientific

TimeWarner Cable Sports


Universal Instruments .

Walt Disney 




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