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RGB Color Changing LED Strip Light Kits

ColorBright™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights - UL Listed

ColorBright™ RGB strip lights enable you to change the color of your LED strips with the push of a button! Create the perfect environment easily and effortlessly. They are UL listed and are of the highest quality on the market. We believe that providing innovative solutions can transform your living spaces into unique pieces of functional art. UL Listed E362522 

Saddleback church stage design with flexfire leds rgb strips

Features and Benefits:

The super bright 5050 sized LEDs use just 2.2 watts to 4.4 watts per foot:
This means your energy consumption will be reduced and in turn, you save money.

Our LED strip lights can change into a million color possibilities: 
This makes it simple to choose a theme, accent, or create a light show.

You can bend the LED strip light up to 90 degrees.
This makes it very easy to install in corners, under cabinets, and surrounding architecture.

150 or 300? What is the difference?

The '150 RGB series' has 150 LEDs per whole reel (16'5'')

Less power consumption (2.2w/ft), lower brightness, longer maximum run length

The '300 RGB series' has 300 LEDs per whole reel (16'5'')

Higher power consumption (4.4w/ft), higher brightness, shorter maximum run length

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