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Reviews and Testimonials

Flexfire LEDs Reviews and Testimonials

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

If you have stumbled on this page please take notice:

1. We believe in treating people right, educating and not selling, and only providing the highest quality in everything we do.

2. We take every project of any size very seriously and we're passionate about service.

3. Don't just take our word for it! Please take some time and read some of our countless reviews received.

...his wife fell in love with their kitchen again!

Monty White - Owner/Great White Electrical Systems

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Great Looking LEDs!!! We recently installed the ColorBright LED's on a customers residential job for use on his under-cabinet, in-cabinet, and toe-kicks, and dimmable...the Customer could not stop smiling, talked with him a week later....still raved on how much he liked them and his wife fell in love with her kitchen again:) I would highly recommend these lights and the crew at Flexfire LEDs!!!"


Very durable product 

Kerry - Contractor

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"A really great product. I was amazed at how durable the light strip was. I had to thread it through some really tight and rough edged areas around a stone bar and it really held up, not a scratch. I was as surprised to see how forgiving the strip was to the heat of the soldering iron. I really had a great first time experience with this product. Thank you to Justin for his excellent design support and customer service, he went above and beyond in making sure my needs were met. Thank you!"


Best LEDs and service in the market!

Kevin McBride, OEM

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"These Flexfire lights are really terrific. Unbelievably bright and efficient. Their customer service is also unparalleled. Great company to work with!"


Solid product, great customer service

Jon Gilmore, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Product is awesome, and 100x better quality than the other cheap amazon/ebay garbage that I've bought in the past. Customer service both before and after the sale were awesome as well. For my next project, I will absolutely be going to Flexfire LEDs"


The project turned out great

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"The design architect for our kitchen remodel specified two foot florescent fixtures to light the cove of our soffit. Instead, we worked with Flexfire LED to specify a more modern solution".
"Using LED strips simplified construction of the soffit (there was no bulky fixture to hide) and the curves are evenly lit because there is no interruption in the light pattern from sectional lighting. Overall, the initial material costs were a little higher for LEDs than florescent fixtures, but the labor savings more than made up for it and the maintenance costs will be exceptionally low for years to come; money ahead in the long run.
The light is amply bright---a perfect, warm, indirect light for the whole room. We are using approximately 30' of 24v UltraBright tape for general lighting in an irregular space about 12' x 26'. We also used the weatherproof version of the tape as under cabinet lighting and toe-kick lighting. It gives us a perfect amount of light for tasks and it does not generate heat like halogen fixtures.The project turned out great and the people at Flexfire LED were good to work with."

My project turned out better than my expectations

Craig Smestad

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Superior customer service and a fantastic product make Flexfire LED's a great company to purchase from. I had virtually no experience with this type of thing, but the Flexfire salesperson walked me through every aspect of the installation. My project turned out better than my expectations, and we enjoy our LED cove lighting every day! "


 Customer service before, during, and after the purchase was outstanding!

Flexfire LEDs Reviews
"I purchased a LED lighting package for my bathroom. It was very easy to deal with the company. Shipping was very fast and the customer service before, during, and after the purchase was outstanding! Thanks Flexfire!"


The support from Flexfire LED was phenomenal!

Flexfire LEDs Reviews
"I was able to call up, explain my project, and get the help I needed with choosing the exact parts that I needed"


If I didn't have Flexfire's products and support, I would still be living in the dark.

Flexfire LEDs Reviews
"I am a soldier currently deployed to Afghanistan, and as you can imagine, anything to make life more comfortable here is hugely appreciated. My quarters on our Firebase is a small wooden room with one window. Unfortunately, the window is reinforced to protect against explosions, and no light gets through. I absolutely had to change the lights in my room, but I needed a more versatile lighting solution than a floor lamp or a desk lamp.
Flexfire LEDs offered a range of products that matched what I was looking for, but I didn't know exactly what product would be right for the job. Flexfire employees actually guided me to the right products by taking the time and asking me questions. With their patience and knowledge assisting me, I selected strips of warm white and bright white lights, as well as RGB strips for a little color. Not only did they take the time to help pick the right products, but they also included a nice remote and additional connectors for the strips.
The order shipped quickly and arrived in Afghanistan relatively quickly. Now my room is well lit and very comfortable and I couldn't be happier. If I didn't have Flexfire's products and support, I would still be living in the dark."

I would recommend this company

Flexfire LEDs Reviews
"This company was very responsive. I had several questions about their products. I emailed them with the questions and they were very quick to answer my questions. 

My order was shipped immediately. The items were packed sufficiently".

These really are the brightest LEDs out there 

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I would give more stars if it allowed me to! These really are the brightest LEDs out there. I used the architectural series as opposed to the industrial series even though there is slightly less light because I wanted to go longer distances in my hotel with them. The 24v had less voltage drop. Thanks Ollie!"


Most importantly, the wife is happy!

Tim Magnuson, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

I bought the ColorBright LED strip lights for an under-cabinet lighting project in my kitchen. Great warm color, very bright, and the lights themselves don't get near as hot as the LED's I replaced which were also losing their brightness. I also used Flexfire’s connectors that made the job effortless.


Undershelf Lighting

Don Philippbar, Contractor

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I am a custom cabinetmaker and I used this product to mount inside shelf lip. Staff was helpful in my situation and saving me money. I will continue to them with my upcoming projects. Thanks!"


Warm to Cool Versatility Awesome!

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Sylvie Desouches, Homeowner We love the combined versatility of warm to cool and bright to dim. It’s a simple system that completely changed our dark dining room. We put this strip behind a large, open bookcase. Turned to bright cool light in the afternoon gives the appearance of daylight streaming through, and turned to warmer light in the evening makes the room cozy".


Excellent product

Keith Hill

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I purchased several 16' reels of the high CRI strips for food display projects. The color rendering and intensity are perfect."


Under the cabinet UltraBright Design series

Gary Dillon, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I had no experience using LED strip lighting when I remodeled my kitchen. The consultant at FlexfireLEDs was a great help selecting the appropriate Series and color of LED strip. My design consisted of two separate lighting areas. The consultant advised my as to what size transformers to use and what dimmer to use. The project was pretty simple to install and worked perfectly the first time. A few tips for installation. Install a switched outlet and the transformer in the top end cabinet and run the wires in the wall behind the cabinet and out under the bottom of the cabinet. I mounted the LES strip about two inches behind the molding at the bottom front of the cabinet for the best work lighting and it worked out great. The series I chose was more than bright enough and the dimmers create a warm ambience at lower light settings. The LED strip really shows off the granite counters. Flexfire LEDs are the all around best."


I already bought from you again 

Gregg Bagni, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I ordered an led light set up for my home office from a competitor and it was a junk show. had to send all product back, big hassle. then i ordered a system from Flexfire LEDs. easy install, great phone support if you need it and the stuff works great. ends up…I bought a second system for another room… far very happy! ::)"


A dimmable driver that works

Randall Nelson, Electrician

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I have used several brands of driver and I have found the Zurik driver to be the one that has not given me problems with flickering when dimmed. I use this exclusively now and have not had any problems. I highly recommend this product."


You get what you pay for!

Anthony Chiu, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I completed a project using lots of LED strip lights. Wall and ceiling reveals, under cabinet in kitchen and bathroom, etc. I got some lower cost strip lights from amazon and ColorBright from Flexfire to compare and the difference is massive. ColorBright is much brighter and the light quality much better. Even thought both are rated 3500K the lower cost one has a greenish hue to it. Also a couple cells on the lower cost lights have failed after a couple months of use. No such issues with ColorBright. So you get what you pay for. The Flexfire is much higher quality but it does cost a bit more. For places where light quality is not a big concern and are easy to get to for replacement in the future the lower cost strip lights might suffice. However for mission critical installation I would recommend not to mess around and go with the best. In this case ColorBright is my choice"


iFridge the first interactive fridge

Fernando Rodriguez Pino

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Hello, mi name is Fernando Rodriguez Pino CEO of Altera Interactivos and CEO of iFridge ( Since three years ago we're using this product with greatest results in order to LCD Transparent door. This type of LED is impossible find in Europe. The combination between minor hot and maximum power illumination is the best."


A great product

Sally Cutler

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"We replaced 18 old fluorescent tubes mounted in soffits in a master bathroom remodel with the Architectural Series Natural White LED Strip Lights. The lighting is dramatically improved - clean, bright room illumination. Our contractor found the installation straightforward and will be using Flexfire LED products in future projects, as will I. The staff at Flexfire were extremely helpful and responsive, a delight to work with."


UltraBright Natural White LED  

John Litarowich, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I purchased the ultrabright NW led's for under cabinet lighting in my kitchen along with a dimmer switch. What a difference it made compared to the Fluorescent lights I previously had. The Ultrabright led's are much brighter and give off a more natural light. Flexfire helped me with the design layout and ordering the necessary components. These lights are far superior to ones I purchased at a local home center and are easy to install. I would highly recommend these lights."


Incredible under cabinet lighting!!!

Brett Kemphues, Homeowner 

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Purchased the 16ft UltraBright Design Kit in Natural White to use as under cabinet lighting in my kitchen. I was guided to this product by one of the many helpful design experts. They helped me identify what all was needed for my specific install and helped every step along the way. The project turned out great and the new lighting is great and is making the neighbors envious."


Xenon pucks GONE!

Michael McArdle, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"For years I battled my low voltage xenon puck under cabinet lights. Bulbs fried, the puck would fall off when changing the bulb, the counter top flood light wasn't pretty I wasn't sure how to switch them out to led's. Flexfire helped me get all the right parts in my cart. Couldn't have asked for better customer service. Prices were great and received my order really fast. I like my kitchen again!"


Super helpful customer service and great products

Sunny jackson, Lighting Designer

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I had a very custom need for my project and the folks at Flexfire helped me brainstorm on ways to accomplish my project. I used the live chat on their website which enabled me to review the links for the products as we talked which was very helpful. The products themselves are also of high quality. I've purchased other LED strips elsewhere and some of the LEDs burned out after a few months. Flexfire led strip lights are of much better quality. The LED driver made my project possible. Highly recommended."


First rate product......

George Muehlemann, Contractor

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Flexfire LEDs are the go to company for custom LED applications. Excellent and knowledgeable staff to make sure the proper LEDs are applied. These are not the typical LEDs found on the internet but commercial grade product that you can be assured will last. We shop no other brand but Flexfire LEDs..... Thank you for the excellent service and product......"


Knowledgeable staff, great service and products

William Hettie, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"They have it all. Their website is loaded with informative materials. It helped me get up to quickly get up to speed and focus on the questions I needed to ask their staff, so it only took one call to know what I wanted. Their matched kits are great. They really minimize the efforts in matching compatible parts."


My clients love your products

Michael Hollander, Contractor

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"As a licensed general contractor, we have been able to use your products on our last 5 projects, which range from custom bathrooms to a hand painted ceiling mural to large outdoor signage. All of my customers love the finished results: clean, crisp, bright and worry free lighting. I would gladly recommend your products and also we love working with your staff when we run into tech or best applications issues."


Coolest technology I have seen in a while

Tom Warrens

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I am not a technical person by any means. I get frustrated with new things and the crew at Flex fire were able to walk me through a variety of options. They really got to the bottom of what I was looking to do and what my vision was. I have an open kitchen and wanted to have functional accent lighting under the counters that can be either bright white or warm white and I wanted to control it. Installation was easy and they have been running almost 15 hours a day for over a year now. I came back to buy more and thought I would leave a review. Thanks for the help crew!"


Right amount of light to backlight monitors on sit-stand desk

Madeline Bechtold, Homeowner  

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"My husband wanted backlighting for his three monitors. He has a Jarvis 78"" x 30"" sit-stand desk, and that desk is already crammed with monitors, computers, and other gadgetry. So, we wanted a minimalist lighting solution that would travel up/down with the desk. We had already looked at other LED light strips and realized they wouldn't be bright enough, especially since my husband's desk sits next to a brown wall. 

FlexfireLEDs recommended a lighting configuration that included a 48"" length of UltraBright™ Industrial Series Natural White LED Strip Light. I taped the LED strip into a Klus aluminum channel and velcroed the plastic channel brackets to the top back of the desk. A dimmer dimmer switch allows us to regulate the light throughput.  My husband is very satisfied with the quality of our lighting configuration, and this LED strip is definitely bright enough and then some for what we're using it for. Thanks, FlexfireLEDs!


Great Product!

Jimmy Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"After purchasing two faulty hybrid white controllers from another website, I was pleased to discover that this unit works as expected. 

Touch response and range on the remote is great. Additionally, the receiver drives the LEDs at their rated max brightness. I purchased the same controller (supposedly) from another website and the power On/Off buttons were flipped. That controller came in a different box and it was delivering only ~60% of the max current (measured by a multimeter) the LEDs are rated for, even when at full brightness setting. 

Glad to see that this product being sold here actually works as advertised. "



Dale Dorinski, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"Great product, my second buy of LEDs from Flexfire. Outstanding product, well supported, great customer service. I have 23 years experience in the electronics industry and know the difference between quality electronics and second rate. Flexfire's products are first rate!"


Great product quality and easy installation

Jeff Gates, Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I completely remodeled our kitchen and installed granite counters but felt like their true beauty wasn't shown due to all the shadows of my cabinets. Installed flex fire lights under cabinets and used the extra 5ft of lights and bought the above-mentioned transformer to replace the old light over my sink. Amazing transformation everyone else always comments on the under cabinet lighting and wants to no where I got them.. I am a Flexfire buyer for life."


Great for Under Cabinet Kitchen Application

Amy in TN Homeowner

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"We tried some other LED strip lights and found them to be very dim, not nearly bright enough for task lighting under my kitchen cabinets. I searched the internet for bright, warm LED strip lights and found Flexfire! When I chatted with Leo about our application he warned me these lights are BRIGHT, "like see-them-from-the-space-station-bright"! That sounded good it us! We installed them on a 3-sided aluminum heat sink and placed them facing our backsplash so we could avoid the bright reflection in the granite. We also installed a dimmer on the switch so we could tame the brightness when we want. We LOVE how they work and look. With the indirect light, we get a lovely glow from the strip lights that's also bright enough to work by. These are worth every penny! Thank you, Leo for your help! We are very happy!"


Easy to install, VERY BRIGHT


Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I ordered a 16ft spool to go under my cabinets and also my toe kicks of my new kitchen cabinets; we also used a wireless dimmer receiver with wireless dimmer switch/control. I must say, these are fairly easy to install, we soldered all our connections, which may seem intimidating at first, but it is really rather easy. Customer support is AMAZING, I initially ordered something I may not have needed and customer support contacted me the next day to verify if I needed said part, I actually did not need it and they refunded my money before the items shipped, that is amazing service! As far as the lights go, they are great, super bright, the dimmable feature is awesome, and did I mention it is wireless!"


 I stumbled onto Flexfire LEDs, and am VERY glad I did! 

Flexfire LEDs Reviews 
"I was building a 3D printer and looking for the brightest LEDs I could find... I stumbled onto Flexfire LEDs, and am VERY glad I did! They have a good range of consumer grade, commercial grade, and even industrial grade LEDs. I haven't tried out the industrial grade, yet, but I can attest that the consumer & commercial grade are top notch.
"They are even brighter than I expected them to be and worked perfectly for how I was using them on my 3D printer build. I liked that they have a lot of accessories that are nice to have to aid in easy installation of the LEDs such as connectors/dimmers/drivers/etc. And they ship quickly to boot!"

Every one I worked with was excellent

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"I wanted some under the cabinet lights that dim and can be very bright if needed. With the wireless dimmers the lights were simple to install and they look like a professionally done project. The customer service was a huge help and made every thing easy. I have nothing but great appreciation for the company as a whole. Every one I worked with was excellent".


Definitely an A-list company

Flexfire LEDs Reviews

"The Flexfire LED strip is a Great way to light your backbar area, to calm people down with blue lighting (rather than jacking them up with red) and generally enhance your club's ambiance.

The Sales staff at Flexfire will go out of their way to accommodate your needs....Thanks to Brent and Ollie for their great service and assistance in taking care of an order to match one that was 2 years old. Superb product and superb staff. Definitely an A-list company"




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