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Endeavor LED Cove light 120AC input

Endeavor™ 120V Cove Light


The Endeavor™ 120V Cove Light can be directly connected to an AC input, eliminating the need to purchase additional drivers. It’s designed to provide bright, diffused lines of light that are perfect for both task and general lighting. The fixture is color selectable, so you can set your fixtures to emit 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K white light. The fixture's adjustable mounting brackets make it easy to give you control over the desired angle of the light in your space. While this product excels in illuminating coves, there are many other applications we recommend such as in the rafters of high ceilings, wall washing, long corridors, stairwell lighting, uplighting beams, floating ceilings, and much more. 

Creating beautifully lit coves has never been easier. Simply plug the fixtures into 120V AC power and daisy chain up to 30 ft of light bars together in one run. Its easy installation works well in retrofit applications that may have previously housed linear fluorescent lighting. 

This product is offered in 1 ft or 2 ft lengths. Both options work seamlessly together with extension cables or end-to-end connectors. Its premium diffusion level makes it ideal for installations that require dotless lines of light, and the high lumen output makes it a solid bet for ambient lighting with excellent color rendering. 

Endeavor 120V cove light fixture with adjustable angle mounting brackets

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