Compare Maxim Lighting Tape Lighting with Colorbright and Ultra Bright LED strip light

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Review of StarStrand LED strip lights by Maxim Lighting vs Flexfire LEDs 

The following review is unbiasd and based on the information found online through Maxim Lightings distributors and their website. It is up to date as of Novermber 27, 2015. We have received inquiries asking how Flexfire LEDs Strip lights compare with "Maxim Lighting StarStrand Spec Star 24 LED Tape Lights" We did a review on Maxim Lighting StarStrand LED strip lights and here is what we found. 

1. Lumen output (Brightness)

Brand LED Type [?] Lumen/ foot [?] Color Temp [?] % Brighter
Maxim Lighting StarStrand   5730 306 ~3500k /
UltraBright Design Series  3014 366 ~3000k 20% Brighter
UltraBright High CRI Series  3020 402 ~3000k 31% Brighter
UltraBright Architectural Series  3014 441 ~3000k 44% Brighter
UltraBright Industrial Series 2835 747 ~3000k 144% Brighter

 2. Power consumption 

Brand Input Voltage Watts/ foot
Maxim Lighting StarStrand   24V DC 4.3    
UltraBright Design Series  12v or 24v 4.4    
UltraBright High CRI Series  12v or 24v 5.8    
UltraBright Architectural Series  12v or 24v 5.1    
UltraBright Industrial Series 12v or 24v 8.9    
3. Retail price per foot
Brand Price per foot retail (USD)
Maxim Lighting StarStrand   $27 to $59 per foot
UltraBright Design Series  $12.99
UltraBright High CRI Series  $16.99
UltraBright Architectural Series  $15.99
UltraBright Industrial Series $20.99
You can see by the review of Flexfire LEDs and Maxim Lighting's LED strip lights that there are varying differenes in price, brightness, and power comsumption. Upon reviewing the data, Flexfire LEDs strip lights are between 20% and 144% brighter than Maxim lighting's brightest tape light. 
Though our LED strips consume more energy, they produce a lot higher light output. If energy consumption is an issue for your project, we would recommend the UltraBright Design Series in this case. It is 20% brighter and costs anywhere between 77% and 51% less.
This review is not a judgement on Maxim Lighting's product quality or customer service We just wanted to share with you the differences in the product itself. 

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