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Aluminum Mounting Channels

Create a contemporary finished look for your strip lighting installation by mounting them inside an aluminum channel. Mounting channels will also protect your strip and extend the lifespan of your lights by keeping them running cooler.

Surface Mount Channels

Surface Mount Channels are extrusions you can mount onto any surface with mounting brackets or tape. The cover allows for light diffusion and a beautiful finished look.

1 reviews

Kepler™ Mounting Channel Kit

$7 - $25

14 reviews

Gemini™ Mounting Channel Kit

$8 - $25

6 reviews

Laika™ Mounting Channel Kit

$6 - $20

1 reviews

Nova™ Mounting Channel Kit

$7 - $28

4 reviews

Titan™ Mounting Channel Kit

$10 - $30

Recessed Mount Channels

Recessed channels are shallow extrusions that conceal the strip while also evenly diffusing the light from the strip. You can recess the channel into the wall, cabinet, or any area you wish to install to create a flush look with the light appearing fully integrated into its surrounding.

5 reviews

Cassini™ Mounting Channel Kit

$7 - $55

2 reviews

Calypso™ Mounting Channel Kit

$10 - $270

Angled Mount Channels

Angled channels are specifically designed so the strip light can produce a fixed beam of light at a particular beam angle.

6 reviews

Atlas™ Mounting Channel Kit

$6 - $25

Coverless Heat Sink

A heat sink offers excellent heat dissipation which helps extend the lifespan of the lights. There are no covers needed, just simply screw or tape the heat sink in place and mount the LED strip on top. This is great for areas where the fixture will not be seen, such as cove lighting.

5 reviews

Ion™ Mounting Channel


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