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Shop by project  > Above cabinet lighting with LEDs (Over Cabinet Lighting)

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Above Cabinet Lighting LED Lighting:

Adding high quality indirect light can bring almost any room to life, something astute designers and homeowners everywhere are discovering. Installing above cabinet LED strip lighting is a popular way to achieve this – it’s a simple, do-it-yourself project that  will dramatically improve the visual appeal of any space. And thanks to its advanced technology, LED lighting uses 75% less energy while lasting 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

Indirect LED lighting provides a generous, warm glow that is strongly preferred over direct overhead lighting fixtures and bulbs. Small, versatile LED strip lights can be subtly attached to the top of any cabinet to provide a beautiful indirect light source without visible wires or compnents. It’s a perfect way to illuminate your kitchen, dining room, or any above cabinet area in the office.

Flexfire’s UL listed UltraBright™ series architectural LED strip lighting comes in three different tones to suit any installation: Bright White, Warm White, and the popular new Natural White. They’re dimmable as well, giving you full power to set the appropriate mood. Energy efficient Flexfire LED strip lights last up to 50,000 hours, and will not damage cabinetry as they stay cool to the touch. It’s safe, beautiful, energy efficient indirect lighting that lasts over a decade, tucked away above the cabinets.


Above cabinet lighting (over cabinet) is very popular and is becoming a standard installation in the construction of new homes. 

What you need for above cabinet lighting:

Are you interested in installing under cabinet lighting? Here is what you will need to complete your project:

Want to use a hardwired Lutron/Leviton Dimmer?

    1. LED Strip Lights - Brighter the better! We recommend 24v Ultra Bright.
    2. Magnetic Dimmable Power supply 
    3. Solderless Connectors
    4. Compatible Lutron/Leviton Wall Dimmer

Want to use an in-line dimmer or no dimmer?

    1. LED Strip Lights - Choose a brightness that suit your needs
    2. Non-Dimmable power supply
    3. Connectors
    4. LED In-Line dimmers
 Below are our recommended above cabinet LED strip lights
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