Are your lights making you sick? Get Deeper Sleep and Improve Your Health with Circadian Lighting

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circadian lighting LED strip lights
how to improve the quality of your sleep with circadian lighting
August 10, 2023 by Brenton Mauriello

Are Your Lights Making You Sick? Get Deeper Sleep and Improve Your Health with Circadian Lighting

Studies show that the secret to a healthy and happy life lies within your circadian rhythm, or internal biological clock. Circadian lighting can help realign your sleep-wake cycle, aiding with deeper sleep and promoting overall long-term health. Disrupting this cycle frequently has many adverse health effects and may be adding to your stress or health issues.

What is Circadian Lighting?

Circadian lighting refers to white tunable lighting that can support your circadian rhythm, or internal biological clock. Considerations such as color temperature, time, duration, and angle of light are all involved in this complex subject.

Because light is the most important factor that helps align our internal clock with the natural cycle of the world, circadian rhythm lighting can help balance your sleep-wake cycle, which is crucial to your overall health. This is why circadian lighting is also known as human-centric lighting.

Top Benefits of a Healthy Circadian Rhythm

  • Better, deeper sleep
  • Increased productivity and focus
  • Improved metabolism and other bodily functions
  • Longer lasting energy
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular problems
Circadian Lighting using LED strip lights

How Does Lighting Help us Sleep?

Your circadian rhythm is responsible for managing important bodily processes, especially sleep. Before the creation of artificial light, humans’ internal clocks were guided by the natural rise and fall of the sun, which is the 24-hour cycle we know today.

When our eyes receive light, specialized cells inside of the eye sense the change and notify the brain, which interprets the message as the time of day. Bright, cool temperatures of light signify that it’s daytime while soft, warm temperatures of light signify that evening is approaching. Your body thinks that it’s time to sleep due to the absence of light and it begins to naturally produce melatonin necessary for sleep.

With the excess of artificial light, it’s easy to get out of sync with your natural circadian. Working late in harsh fluorescent lighting or too much screen time are just a couple examples of how your sleep-wake cycle can get disrupted by poor lighting.

Healthy sleep is one of the most important things for the human body. It is as important as food and water. Neglect one, and the whole system (your body) can start to deteriorate. If you are exposed to unnecessary, aggressive lighting before you want to sleep, your body may suppress its natural tendency to produce melatonin.

Impact of screens in your sleep

Modified Graphic; Original Source: comScore Device Essentials, Monday, 21st January 2013, UK

By that same token, this is why experts recommend avoiding TV and computer screens late at night because it can disrupt your sleep. The artificial blue light sends signals to the brain, which is misinterpreted as a message to stay awake rather than getting ready for bed.

So, how can you sleep better at night? Circadian lighting in your home.

How Circadian Lighting Can Improve your Lifestyle

During unprecedented events where people have been encouraged to stay indoors, such as the 2020+ pandemic, more people are realizing how crucial it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Indoor lighting strongly affects your day-to-day routine.

Circadian lighting allows you to regain control of your internal clock by adjusting the exposure to artificial light and making it work for you. Not only can beautiful lighting create beautiful memories, but it can improve your physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Why LED Strips are Perfect for Circadian Lighting?

Although natural sunlight is the best remedy to realign your circadian rhythm, high-quality LED lighting can mimic sunlight’s color temperatures so you can enjoy the perfect light to fit your mood, anytime.

That’s why dynamic tunable white LED strip lights have become very popular among homeowners and business owners alike who want to enhance their lighting experience.

With modern technology, you can pair a handheld remote control or wall/desktop controller to control your lights in a simplified manner. It can be as easy as a touch of a button. Or take it a step further by integrating your lights with smart home systems.

Smart lighting controls let you set a specific schedule for LED strip lights, so you can choose which color temperature and brightness level you prefer at different times throughout the day. You can also set settings and create multiple zones, depending on what type of ambience you prefer.

If you want to access the full potential of circadian lighting, try the Leona™ Pro Smart Home Controller to take advantage of all the features mentioned above. All you need to do is download an app to easily control your lights from your phone. The Leona™ controller is even compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa smart home systems.

Check out below to see which dynamic tunable strip is perfect for you.

Best LED Strips for Circadian Lighting

6 reviews

Accent™ Dynamic
Tunable White

✔ Wide Color Temperature Range: 2700K - 6200K

✔ Mid-output for accent lighting

✔ High CRI of up to 96

$135 - $825

14 reviews

Architectural™ Tunable White

✔ Wide Color Temperature Range: 2700K - 6200K

✔ High-output for task lighting

✔ High CRI over 90

$249 - $1,050

6 reviews


3000K to candlelight 1800K as you dim it

✔ Mid-output for accent lighting

Compatible with most dimmers

$139 - $799

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