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Ultraviolet (UV) LED Lighting

ColorBright Ultraviolet LED strip lights:

ColorBright™ UV LED Strip Lights from Flexfire LEDs emit a UV-A light at a 399 nm wavelength, making them a practical solution in many different UV lighting installations. They are dimmable and highly customizable, making them a superior choice for industrial, commercial and health applications that call for high quality UV light.

Recent improvements to LED chip technology have increased the power density of UV LED lights, delivering the smallest, longest lasting, most energy efficient options for UV lighting needs.

Here are some excellent applications of our ColorBright Ultraviolet LED strip lights:

  • Stage, bar and dance club lighting
  • Illuminate black light painting
  • Nail polish and material curing
  • Plant stimulation and growth
  • Equipment inspection
  • Check for counterfeit currency
  • Night fishing

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Below are our recommended UV LED strip lights

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