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Energy Tax credits for green lighting and LED lights

Tax Deductions Green Energy Lighting

Green Energy Tax Credit

There is a reason why the majority of the globe will soon be switching to LED lights for their homes and businesses. LED lighting is extremely efficient and uses only a fraction of energy that conventional lighting uses. For this reason, the US government is giving incentives and energy tax credits for business or residences that are using green lighting solutions.

Please visit the below links to see the energy tax credit opportunities for sustainable lighting.


  • Part 1:
  • Part 2:


  • CALIPER Program
  • Illuminating Engineering Society
  • Lightning facts (approved labels)

Rebates, tax credits, & incentives:

  • DOE
  • Rebate Incentives 
  • DSIRE 
  • SBA
    • The tax credit information provided below is based on information contained in the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The IRS guidance provides specific information that home builders and housing manufacturers can rely on to take action to claim the tax credits. ENERGY STAR will study the IRS publications and provide updates as necessary.

  • Energy Tax Incentives
    • #
Flexfire LEDs carries the brightest LED strip lighting in the market. Check the above links to see how you can benefit with our products and see if you are eligible for some tax Incentives (depending on your state). 

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