What makes the highest quality LED strip lights?

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How does Flexfire LEDs make the highest quality LED strip light?

“Quality isn't something that can be argued into an article or promised into it. It must be put there.
If it isn't put there, the finest sales talk in the world won't act as a substitute." 
C. G. Campbell

Why we do it?

Creating the world’s highest quality LED strip light was not easy. It began with a passion and desire to build a truly “set and forget” lighting solution. There are many similar looking LED strip lights sold in the marketplace. Many are manufactured using different components, assembly methods, quality control processes, and performance.We do not wish for excellence in each of these categories, we demand it. From the luxurious resort guest rooms, to the NASA testing and prototyping labs, to your own kitchen, we guarantee performance and satisfaction!

What are the differences between the Amazon / Ebay LED strip lights and the high-end options?

We have plenty of time to get technical below to answer this question. Here we will briefly summarize. The main difference in summed up in three words: Quality, Control, and Service. Read below to discover why these are so important when choosing the right LED strip light.

Highest Quality Components

Best LED strip lights with highest quality

Selecting the right components is the first step to creating a high-quality product. We work meticulously with the engineers and manufacturers of the individual components that comprise the LED strip light such as the LED chip manufacturers, LED packaging companies, PCB and resistor manufacturers.

Only the highest quality components are invited to the assembly floor. Components are selected within a tight specification range to ensure long lifespans, thermal performance, efficiency, correct binning for color consistency, CRI for color accuracy, and product material safety.

LED Binning and Selection

This is one of the most important factors with LED technology and one of the most overlooked. We use the same color BIN for each manufacturing run of LEDs within their color temperatures. This means that when you order a 3,000K warm white LED strip light today and order the same product next year, there will be no perceivable differences to the human eye. We bin to 3 MacAdams and have strict in-house batch testing to make sure that your lights arrive perfect.

Verifiable Performance

Do not just take our word for it. Let the data speak for itself. All of our LED strip lighting products go through a series of scrutinous tests on the component level and the assembled (finished product) level. Learn about the testing below.

Photometric Testing - Also known as an ‘LM-79’ test

What is an LM-79 Test?

When looking at a lighting application, you may focus on achieving a bright, beautiful and pure light strip. What we look for here at Flexfire LEDs is beyond that. This type of test will provide accurate results on the light performance of the LED strip light.

Using a goniophotometer, the LED strip is turned on and the data recorded is able to show us:

- Lumen output - brightness, as perceived by the human eye
- Power consumption / watts consumed
- Efficiency - Number of lumens per watt of electricity
- Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagrams - What angles are the emitted beams of light?
- CRI Color Rendering Index - How similar the light output is to the sun in rendering colors?
- Isocandela diagram - Graphic representation of brightness distribution of a light source
- Cone diagrams - How many foot-candles (brightness measured on a surface) will be emitted from the LED strip at 1 meter? How about 5?
- Fidelity Index (TM-30) – How closely the observed light can render colors like the sun, using 99 color samples.
- Gamut Index (TM-30) – How saturated or desaturated colors are (aka how intense the colors are).
- Color vector Graphic (TM-30)  – Which colors are saturated/desaturated and whether there is a hue shift in any of the 16 color bins.
- CQS - Color Quality Scale – An alternative to the unsaturated CRI measurement colors. There are 15 highly saturated colors that are used to compare chromatic discrimination, human preference, and color rendering.

- and more!

View the test results here

LM-80 Tests-What is an LM-80 test?

This is a test for the “lifespan” of the LED chip and the change in the color output over time, or “chromaticity shift”.

How do we define the lifespan of the LED strip light?

Our LED strips lights have a range up to 50,000 hours od useful life. LEDs begin to lose their brightness the moment they are turned on. The lifespan is defined as a number of hours it takes for the LEDs to achieve 70% of their original brightness (lumen output). Three similar LED chips are tested over 6,000 hours, each at a different ambient temperature. The lumens are recorded at intervals and data extrapolated after 6,000 hours to give a theoretical number of hours until the LED reaches 70% brightness

LM-80 Test of cree chips

What is a chromaticity shift?

This is the change in the emitted color of light over the lifetime of the LED light. Poor quality LEDs can start out as a beautiful pure colored white and change to a blue or pink hue after a short time. We test our lights to ensure that any change in color is not noticeable to the human eye.

Product Confidence and Quality Control

Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed! Try before you buy:

All of our products are covered by a 30-day return policy. You're welcome to test out any of our products. If it's something that won't work for your project, we can take products back for a full refund as long as they're in original condition.

Eight to twelve-hour 'burn-in' testing 


All of our LED strip lights are tested between 8 to 12 hours after production. Because of this, you can expect your LEDs to work right, every time, guaranteed. Once we receive the LEDs in our warehouse, we test again for many of the above items to make sure that the right color temperature, CRI, and brightnesses are emitted.

Highest Safety Standards

Our LED strip lights are UL, CE, and RoHS listed. This proves that not only do all materials not contain any hazardous substances like lead but are safe and pose no safety risks. UL Listed E362522 

Highest support standards: Contact our design team! 

As well as having high-quality products, they're backed-up by a full tech support team that will be with you every step of the way, who will have a solution to any tech issues you may encounter. 


Industry Leaders: A few of the companies that choose Flexfire LEDs 


Advanced Scientifics



Aviation Capital

Bellagio Villas


Constant Aviation

Department of Air Force

Dow Chemical

Dupont Optical 

Embassy Suites

Florida Institute of Technology

Ford Motor Design Center


Gulf Stream Air Corporation

Honda Aircraft Company

Hyperloop Tech

Image Manufacturing Group

In-N-Out burger

International Paper


Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Kohler Co.


Lockheed Martin

Long Beach Airport

Popcap Games


Royal Caribbean  

RSG Aerodesign LLC

Sandia National Labs



Smithsonian Institute


Marriott & Royal Beach Casino

TGI Fridays

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Time Warner Cable Sports


Universal Instruments

Walt Disney 


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