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Single color LED strip lights
Single color output LED strip lights in amber, blue, green and red

ColorBright™ Vivid Single Color Series LED Strip Lights

The ColorBright™ LED strip lighting series offer some of the highest quality specification grade LED lights on earth. These single color LED strip lights allow for the creation of bright indirect accent lighting anywhere in your space with ease. Our vivid color series lighting strips boast a beautiful saturation, a 15-year warranty, and a 50,000-hour lifespan. A little strip goes a long way in dark environments.

When it comes to LED strip lights, there are a range of product quality and prices. Educate yourself on strip light quality before buying and be confident with Flexfire LEDs strip lights. Available in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and UV:

Vivid color LED Strip lights available in red, green, blue and amber

32 reviews

Vivid Static Color Series

✔ Available in red, green, blue, and amber

✔ High density of LEDs for a continuous line of light

✔ 15-year Warranty

$115 - $135

17 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Vivid Static Color Series

✔ Available in red, green, blue, and amber

✔ Silicone protected, these colored strip lights are ideal for the outdoors

✔ 15-year Warranty

$135 - $155

13 reviews

Ultraviolet UV
399 nm

✔ Perfect for bar and club lighting, backlight paint, fishing boats, and more

✔ Color Frequency: 365 nm - 460 nm

✔ 15-year Warranty


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