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Tunable White LED strip lights solderless connectors
dynamic tunable white LED strip light solderless connectors

Dynamic Tunable White LED Strip Solderless Connectors

Our Dynamic Tunable White strip lights are also known as hybrid or color temperature adjustable strips. They are able to be adjusted with a remote to select the perfect color of white from the strip's available range.

Solderless Connectors for LED strip lights make it very simple to connect your LED strips to the LED driver, extra wire, or to other cut strips. Though soldering is highly recommended for the best connection, these connectors offer a quick solution for those who do not want to, or do not know how to solder. Dynamic Tunable LED strip light connectors can have three wires instead of two (single color) or four (RGB).

Make sure you select the correct connector for your strip light.

ColorBright Dynamic Tunable White strip lights are 8 mm wide, or just over 5/16".

UltraBright Dynamic Tunable White LED strip lights are 10 mm wide.

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