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Outdoor IP65 Rated LED Strip Lights perfect for high humidity spaces

IP65 Outdoor Rated Flexible LED Strip Lighting

Silicone Casing IP65 - Flexfire LEDs offers IP65 silicone encased light strips for wet locations. These strip lights are able to withstand jets of water from any direction and are a great lighting option for anything that is not fully submersed. They're perfect for patio lining, inlays in concrete, inside channel letters and signage, under counters in splash areas, and more. The silicone coating does not crack or turn yellow and it is UV protected. We are proud to offer the brightest LED light strip on the market to brighten up any outdoor space.

Do you know the difference between IP65 and IP67? Learn more about IP Waterproofing here.

Outdoor Single Color / Static White Output LED Strip Lights

17 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Vivid™ Color

Available in Red, Green, Blue or Amber

✔ Subtle accent lighting

$135 - $155

1 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Outline™ Series

Used for long runs of elegant subtle light

✔ Brightness: 132 lumen/ft

$119 - $235

15 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Accent™ Series

Great in projects requiring a mid-output and high CRI

✔ Brightness: 300 lumen/ft

$149 - $295

49 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Architectural™ Series

✔ Perfect for coves, task lighting, and uplighting

✔ Brightness: 502 lumen/ft


1 reviews

Outdoor IP67

Valor™ Series

✔ Extremely bright fully diffused lines of light

✔ Brightness: 805 lumen/ft


Outdoor RGB Color Changing Strip Lights

12 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGB 150 Color Changing

RGB Low Density of LEDs

✔ Low-output for subtle accent lighting


21 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGB 300 Color Changing

RGB Mid Density of LEDs

✔ Mid-output for bright accent lighting


4 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGB 600 Color Changing

RGB High Density of LEDs

✔ High-output for extremely bright lighting


Thousands of 5 star reviews LED strips

5 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGBW Quad Chip

RGB + White Lighting

✔ White color temperature: 3000K


1 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGB + Tunable White

RGB + Tunable White

✔ White CCT range: 2400K-6500K


2 reviews

Outdoor IP65

RGB Digital Pixel

RGB Color Changing

✔ Create patterns and lighting effects


Outdoor Dynamic Tunable White LED Strip Lights

1 Reviews

Outdoor IP65

Accent™ Tunable White

CCT Range: 2700K - 6200K

✔ Mid-output for accent lighting


1 reviews

Outdoor IP65

Architectural™ Tunable White

CCT Range: 2700K - 6200K

High-output for task lighting

$269 - $538

1 reviews

Outdoor IP65


3000K to 1800K as you dim it

✔ Mid-output for task lighting


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