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Dynamic Tunable White LED Strip Lighting

Dynamic White LED lighting example in a living room


What is Dynamic Tunable Lighting?

Tunable white lighting technology is defined as the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output. 

We have implemented this technology into our specification grade LED strip lighting products. Using alternating LED chips of different color temperatures, you are able to use one strip and a remote to blend the LEDs and control the strip light’s output anywhere within the specified range. We offer a variety of CCT ranges that can best suit your project’s application:

What brightness and CCT ranges do we offer?

ColorBright Tunable Dynamic White strip lights (Medium brightness)

- Available in 3000K-6500K ranges

UltraBright Tunable Dynamic White strip lights (High brightness) [Coming soon!]

- Available in 2400K-3000K, 2700K-4200K, and 2700K-6200K ranges 

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