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easy installation LED strip light kits with all the components needed
LED strip lighting kits with all the components needed

LED Lighting Kits

With our LED Lighting Kits you get everything you need to make a seamless and easy LED lighting installation. We have developed the best components that will give you the flexibility to place beautiful lighting in many applications. They are perfectly designed and selected to fit most small to medium projects. Perfect Performance Guaranteed!

Choose Your LED Lighting Kit:

Static White High CRI Kits

Add a beautiful white light to any location. Choose your color temperature and a variety of control methods and brightnesses.

Dynamic Tunable White Kits

This kit enables you to control the color temperature of your lights between warm white (3000K) and bright white (6500K).

RGB Color Changing Kits

You are in control to change the color of the emitted light to almost any color you can think of using the remote control.

ClickBright™ Light Bar Kits

The quickest solution for powerful and beautiful lighting, with a compact light bar that is a linear light and channel all-in-one.

Victory™ LED Puck Light Kits

Perfect for applications requiring accent or task lighting. Can be installed directly on a surface or recessed into cabinets or shelves.

Leona® Smart Home Kits

Control your lights and devices with your smartphone. Choose between the starter, creator, or full upgrade kits.

Everything you need for a seamless Installation:

LED Strip

Control Method

Power Supply


Types of Kits:

Plug & Play Kits

Easy to install, with basic functionality with a phone app dimmer, RF wall dimmer, or handheld remote.

Hardwired Wall Dimmer Pro Kits

Designed for lighting professionals and skilled DIYers alike, take the guesswork out of your small to medium sized projects.

What's special about our kits?

Fully dimmable

Long lifespan
and warranty

Easy installation

30-day money
back guarantee

Informative Introduction Pages

Flexible LED strip light buying guide

There are many options on the market for LED strip lights. We have created this guide to educate experts and newcomers alike.

New to LED strip lights? Start here

An LED strip light is a flexible circuit board that is populated with LEDs that you can stick almost anywhere you want to add powerful lighting.

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