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LED Lighting Products

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LED Strip Light Kits

Flexfire LEDs Custom LED Strip Lighting Kits

LED Strip Lighting Kits

Everything you need to make a seamless and easy LED lighting installation

View these brochures for project ideas: 

     Architectural LED Strip Light Brochure           Accent lighting ColorBright LED Strip Light Brochure           Brightest UltraBright LED Strip Light Brochure      
Light Designer and Architect Brochure ColorBright™ Brand Brochure UltraBright™ Brand Brochure

Which LED kit is perfect for your application?

For accent lighting, we recommend our ColorBright™ LED strip light kits.These have 600 LEDs per reel and are very bright for accenting and under cabinet applications. They are also good for behind TVs, computer monitors, for mood lighting, and much more. 

For high-brightness task lighting where you need something really bright light, we highly recommend our UltraBright™ LED light kits. Choose our UltraBright™ kit for a fluorescent replacement LED kit. We carry TV backlighting LED kits, Motorcycle LED lighting kits, and more!

RGB Color changing LED strip light kits are a must have for any bar, restaurant, or business trying to add some style to their location.

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