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LED Lighting Products

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LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights for Architectural, Residential, and Commercial Applications

LED strip lights are exteremly popular in many facets of lighting design thanks to their compact size, high brightness, and low power consumption. They are also extremely versatile, as shown by architects, homeowners, bars, restaurants, and countless others who are employing them in every way imaginable.

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     Architectural LED Strip Light Brochure           Accent lighting ColorBright LED Strip Light Brochure           Brightest UltraBright LED Strip Light Brochure      
Light Designer & Architect Brochure ColorBright™ Brand Brochure UltraBright™ Brand Brochure


Great Intro Pages: 

How do I choose the correct LED strip light?

Top 4 facts you need to know before choosing LED strip lights

ColorBright™ LED Strip Lights

Residential grade:  For perfect accent lighting for under cabinets, coves, counters, backlighting, vehicles, and more

Bright White
Natural White
Warm White
Vivid Red
Vivid Blue
Vivid Green
UV Ultraviolet 

LED Strip Light ColorBright

UltraBright™ LED Strip Lights

Architectural Grade: Brightest LED strips on the market

Design Series 
Architectural Series
High CRI Series
Industrial Series

Ultra Bright LED Strip Lights

ColorBright™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Dynamic color options, precision color selection

Color Controlled enviornment
Million Color Combinations
Design from your fingertips
Low power consumption

LED strip light color changing for bars and restaurants

Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Weather resistant strip lights

High splash areas
Boats and Vehicles

LED strips for outdoor applications

Hybrid Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Precision color temperature selection

Find your "Perfect shade of white"
Select Warm White to Bright White

Hybrid LED strip lights

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