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ColorBright™ RGB Color Changing Strip Light

Colorbright RGB strip lights

Colorbright™ RGB Color Changing LED Strip Lights - UL Listed

Colorbright™ RGB strip lights are UL listed and are of the highest quality on the market. We believe in providing innovative solutions to transform your living spaces into unique pieces of functional art. UL Listed E362522 

Intro Page: How do I choose the correct LED strip light?

Color Changing LED strip lights Flexfire LEDsRGB LED strip lighting from Flexfire LEDs

Features and Benefits:

Our super bright 5050 SMD LED flexible strip lighting uses just 2.2 watts to 4.4 watts per foot:
This means your energy consumption will be reduced and in turn, you save money.

Our LED strip lights can change into a million color possibilities:
This makes it simple to choose a theme, accent, or light show.

You can bend the LED strip light up to 90 degrees.
This makes it very easy to install in corners, under cabinets, and surrounding architecture.

Need a complete kit:

We have designed RGB color changing LED strip light kits in 3, 8, 16, and 32 foot lengths. Easily illuminate under kitchen cabinets, kickboards, bar tops, under cars and motorcycles, TV backlighting, signage, outdoor patio areas, restaurants, and much more. With a little imagination the possibilities are endless! Choose your kit now, or contact us with any questions.