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LED Power Supplies

LED Power supplies

Do I need dimmable or a non dimmable driver?

 1. Dimmable Driver - If you are planning to install your LED strip lights to a Lutron wall dimmer, you will need to get a Dimmable magnetic driver. The Lutron dimmer will be installed BEFORE the power supply. Here is a video on How To Install A Lutron Dimmer to a Magnetic Dimmable Power Supply.

 2. Non-Dimmable Driver – If you plan to install one of these LED dimmers, or a dimmer that is installed AFTER the power supply, you will not need the power supply to be dimmable. These non dimmable LED power supplies will provide constant 12v or 24v of DC power to the LED strip lights.

Non-Dimmable LED Power Supplies (Drivers)

 non dimmable led power supply usaaluminum led light power supply driver
- All LED strip Lights
-Cannot be used with Lutron in wall dimmers
- For dimmers that are installed in-line on the DC side of (after) the driver



Dimmable LED Power Supplies (Drivers)

Zurik Dimmable LED driver
-Used with compatible Lutron/Leviton Wall dimmers
- All LED strip Lights except Hybrid and RGB


We offer Dimmable Magnetic power supplies from Zurik Lighting, made right here in California. The difference between dimmable and non dimmable power supplies are that the dimmable LED light power supplies can be dimmed (AC) through a stylish wall switch (Lutron). If you want one of our dimmers that are installed after the power supply, you need a non-dimmable LED power supply.

 Our waterproof LED transformers come in 12V and 24V with an IP rating of 67. Though these are not submergeable, they can withstand extreme weather conditions and power your LEDs for many many years.

Please visit our Distributors page if you are interested in special discount LED pricing and LED distribution opportunities! We offer public wholesale pricing for many of our LED products.