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Static White - Hardwired Pro ClickBright™ Light Bar Kit

$235.00 - $475.00

ClickBright LED light bar wall dimmer kit 

ClickBright™ Light Bar - Hardwired Pro Dimmable Light Bar Kit 


clickbright LED light bars plug and play

Our ClickBright™ Light Bars are the quickest solution to add powerful and beautiful lighting in minutes. With a lumen output of up to 495 lumen/ ft, near perfect CRI to make colors pop, and a slim profile, these bars can add light almost anywhere. Designed for lighting professionals and skilled DIYers alike, our ClickBright™ Hardwired Wall Dimmer Pro Kits are here to help take the guesswork out of your project, as well as save you time and labor by utilizing a sleek, compact light bar that is a linear light and channel all-in-one. Once you select your light output, color temperature, the number of bars needed, and control method, you’re one step closer to having a professional looking project completed!

Everything You Need for a Seamless Installation: 

ClickBright LED light bar icon  LED Power Supply Icon  wall dimmer icon  LED lightbar connectors icon

Read below for a quick guide on how to build your own LED strip light kit:

01. Choose Your Color Temperature:


CCT Comparison chart for LED strip light kits

2700K - Warmer White - Same color as incandescent bulbs, great for applications with darker tones of wood such as red or dark brown
3000K - Warm White - Great for applications with warm tones of wood that are more yellow or light brown
3500K - Commercial Warm White - Perfect for the office or commercial applications where occupants don’t want to have a harsh blue fluorescent tone
4000K - Natural White - Good choice for environments with bright white and earth tone combinations that need to appear larger such as kitchens or retail spaces
5000K - Cool White - Ideal for rooms with lots of bright whites, blues, greens or metallic surfaces such as stainless steel

02. Choose Your Bar Length Options:

8ft LED light bar kit      16ft LED light bar kit

03. Choose Your Control Method:

Manual Dimming Lutron Diva  lutron-caseta-wall-dimmer-for-led-light-bars.jpg

Lutron Diva: 
If you just need a basic, cost-effective wall dimmer, the Lutron Diva is a great manual dimmer that is easy to install for any experienced electrical enthusiast. 

Lutron Caséta: If you are looking for a wall dimmer that will connect to your smart home device and leave room for future smart home expansion, the Lutron Caseta Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge is the way to go. The Lutron Caseta will work with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, for voice integration and more.


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What Comes in the Kit?

Each of our Static White LED Strip Light Plug and Play Kits comes with:

ClickBright Light Bars:

8ft LED light bar kit  or  16 ft LED light bar kit

Power Supply:

Zurik EMLV dimmable driver


*The power supply that comes with the kit changes according to the length option selected

Control Method:

Lutron Diva 150W Wall Dimmer  or  Lutron Caseta Smart Wall Dimmer

(1) Lutron Diva 150W Dimmer 

or (1) Lutron Caseta 150W Dimmer Kit with Smart Bridge


bare-lead.jpgLED light bars jumper connectorsled-light-bar-kit-with-24-in-connectors.jpg

Priceless Service:

5 year warranty LED light barsPersonalized service LED strip lightsFree Project Design LED Strip Lights30 day money back LED strips


Installation Diagrams and Downloads 

Lutron Diva Installation Guide

Lutron Caseta Installation Guide

ClickBright™ Light Bar Installation Guide 

ClickBright™ Installation Diagram for Hardwired Pro Kit with Diva

 LED lightbar kit with wall dimmer wiring diagram

ClickBright™ Installation Diagram for Hardwired Pro Kit with Lutron Caséta
LED lightbar kit with smart wall dimmer wiring diagram




Lutron Diva Specification Sheet

Lutron Caseta with Bridge Specifications

Zurik® Universal Dimmable LED Driver Data Sheet

ClickBright LED Light Bar Specification Sheet 

ClickBright™ easy-mounting high CRI light bar specifications

  • 5-year LED light bar warranty
  • 24V DC constant voltage input
  • ETL Listed
  • IP20-rated
  • High CRI LED light bars
  • Fully dimmable
  • 120 degree lighting beam angle
  • Single-bin LED selection to ensure color consistency (3-Step MacAdam)
  • Width: ½” (12.6mm) 
  • Height: ⅜” (10mm)
  • Ambient temperature: -4ºF to 104ºF (-20°C to 40°C)
  • 50,000 hour lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years) 

ClickBright™ 1ft Bar

Product SKU Color - CCT Watts / Fixture Lumen / Fixture Lumen / Watt CRI TLCI Gamut Score (Rg) Relative Fidelity (Rf)
CLK-01-27K-24V 2700K 4.3 W 416 lm  83 98 98 100 95
CLK-01-30K-24V 3000K 4.3 W 404 lm   90 94 94 98 92
CLK-01-35K-24V 3500K 4.3 W 478 lm  105 95 97 98 91
CLK-01-40K-24V 4000K 4.3 W 446 lm  96 94 94 99 92
CLK-01-50K-24V 5000K 4.3 W 493 lm  103 96 97 98 91


ClickBright™ 2ft Bar

Product SKU Color - CCT Watts / Fixture Lumen / Fixture Lumen / Watt CRI TLCI Gamut Score (Rg) Relative Fidelity (Rf)
CLK-01-27K-24V 2700K 8.6 W 735 lm  81 94 98 99 92
CLK-01-30K-24V 3000K 8.6 W 856 lm   93 96 94 98 91
CLK-01-35K-24V 3500K 8.6 W 917 lm/  104 98 97 100 95
CLK-01-40K-24V 4000K 8.6 W 870 lm  97 94 94 98 92
CLK-01-50K-24V 5000K 8.6 W 900 lm  104 95 97 98 91 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between an LED strip light and LED light bar?

LED strip lights are flexible tape lights that are made with soft circuit boards and an adhesive backing. These two main features allow the strip lights to be bent, cut and mounted with ease. In contrast, LED light bars have a rigid PCB with the channel and connectors already built into the product. This guarantees seamless glows of light and extremely fast and easy connections. 

Q: What is the maximum run length of the ClickBright™ light bars before voltage drop?

The maximum run length of the ClickBright™ 1FT bar is 10’ (3m), while maximum run length for the 2FT bar is 16’ (4.8m). In other words, the maximum run length in series for both bars in up to 10 connections. However, you can create parallel connections from a single power supply and split the runs in different directions.

Q. Can I connect ClickBright™ 1FT bars with 2FT bars?

Yes, you may connect 1FT bars with 2FT bars and mix and match as you please. The maximum run length before voltage drop will be up to 10 connections.

Q: What is CRI and why should I care?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how colors are correctly rendered under a light source in comparison to natural sunlight. The index is measured on a 0-100 scale with 100 being a perfect rating of color accuracy, meaning the colors appear as they naturally would under unadulterated daylight. High CRI lighting is sought out everywhere. The bottom line: the higher the CRI, the higher quality the light source.

95 - 100 →  Phenomenal color rendering! Colors appear as they should, subtle tones pop out and are accented, skin tones look beautiful, art comes alive, backsplashes and paint show their true colors. You have to see it to believe it! 

90 - 95 →  Great color rendering! Almost all colors 'pop' and are easily distinguishable. Noticeably great lighting starts at a CRI of 90. 

80 - 90 → Good color rendering, where most colors are rendered well. You may not see items as fully saturated as you would like, but most people will not notice. 

60 - 75 → Poor color rendering. Items and colors may look desaturated, drab, and at times unidentifiable. (For example, you may not be able to see the difference between black and navy colored socks.)

Lighting products that emit colored lights will not have a CRI as color rendering is only for white light.

Q: What is the product warranty?

Because of our unyielding confidence in the quality of our product, we offer a 5-year warranty on our ClickBright™ Light Bars. For more info, please read our warranty policy.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: What are lumens?

Lumens are a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED source. In other words, this is one way we can measure how much light is produced. When comparing LED strip lights, you want to compare the lumen output as well as the CRI, watts/foot, warranty, and bin selection.

Quick Guide by project

Accent Lighting and Mood Lighting - 100 to 350 lumens per foot 

Under cabinet Lighting - 175 to 525 lumens per foot

Task Lighting with low distance from light source - 280 to 437 lumens per foot

Task Lighting with higher distance from light source - 344 to 687 lumens per foot

Indirect lighting in a bedroom/ hotel / vehicle / lobby - 375 to 562 lumens per foot

Industrial lighting / signage / tube replacements - 500 to 950 lumens per foot

Q: How do I mount the lights?

You can screw in the included mounting clips and pop the lights in. Another option is the high quality double sided tape, such as a 3M VHB can be used to mount the bars to any clean surface. 

Q: Can I cut the lights myself?

No, ClickBright™ Light Bars are can not be cut to length. For that reason, we have manufactured them in 1 ft and 2 ft pieces, making them easily installed and customized.

Q: What is the importance of an ETL listing?

Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) is a testing and certification division that rigorously tests products to ensure safety and quality. ETL Listed products indicate that the tested product has been found in compliance with accepted national standards

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

Flexible Strip Light Buying Guide - 90% of our customers found this page useful in selecting their LED strips- With a wide range of quality and price points in the market, it is important to educate yourself before buying. 

LED Strip Lighting Examples LED lighting example projects - The versatility of LED strips can be seen in the variety of projects our clients have completed. Looking for ideas? 

Need assistance with your project or purchase? Our design specialists are ready to help.

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