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How to install LED strip lights under counter and cabinets

Install 101: How to install under cabinet LED strip lights 

Installing LED strip lights under a cabinet or counter is a relatively easy job that anyone can do. Follow the steps below for a simple do-it-yourself LED strip lighting under counter installation, even if you don’t know the difference between a phillips and flat-head screwdriver.

How to install under cabinet LED strip lights

What will you need for your under cabinet LED strip light installation? (VIDEO BELOW)

1. A little imagination, along with a clear picture of what you wantthe project to look like. You can do just about anything with LED strip lights.

2. LED strip lights. Choose which color and brightness you need for your under cabinet LED strip light installation. For task lighting and applications requiring high brightness, our  Ultra Bright LED strip lights are recommended. For normal kitchen or accent lighting installations, our  Colorbright LED strip lights feature 600 LEDs per reel and are sufficient for almost all under cabinet lighting situations.

3. A power supply. Our LED power supplies are UL listed, top quality components. Which one do you need? We have a chart here. To figure this out, you first need to decide how many feet of LED strip lights you will need for your under cabinet installation.

1. Colorbright series uses 2.9 watts per foot. So, 2.9 watts x how many feet = total watts.

2. It is recommended to have a power supply that can handle 20% more wattage than you are using. So you need to multiply  the total watts by 1.2, to give you the total watts of the power supply you need.

3. Then take that number and divide by 12 to get the amps (or 24 of you are using 24v LED strips).

 Example – Using 8 feet of Colorbright strip lights: 8 feet x 2.9 watts = 23.2 watts. 23.2 watts * 1.2 = 28 watt power supply needed. How many amps? 33/12 = 2.75 amps

4. A Power Drill (if you wish to hide power supply in cabinet like video below)

5. LED Solderless Conectors and DC Coaxial Connectors for LED strip lights. Installing LED lights under cabinets is made much easier with solderless connectors. Here is our LED solderless connector install guide.

6. Some electrical tape, optional LED dimmer, and that's it! Our LED dimmers give you the ability to decrease the intensity of the LED lights from 100%-0% brightness.

NOTE: Consult an electrician before any installation. Also, this video shows how much easier installation is when you have a female DC coaxial connector.

See, that wasn't so bad, right? Installing LED strip lights under cabinets, kickboards, counters, or anywhere else is really simple and easy. If you need assistance, please call or email us at info@flexfireleds.com for expert service and attention.

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