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  • Juno™ RGB LED Bluetooth Smartphone Controller for Strip Lighting
  • Juno™ RGB LED Bluetooth Smartphone Controller for Strip Lighting
  • Juno™ RGB LED RF Handheld Remote
  • Juno™ RGB LED RF Surface Mount Remote for Strip Lighting

Juno™ RGB Bluetooth Smartphone Controllers

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Product Description

Juno™ RGB LED Bluetooth Smartphone Controller | High Output 15A
Also Included: 2x RF controllers


The Juno™ Series Smartphone RGB LED controllers allow you to control your LED strip lights from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. They are designed to drive constant voltage RGB output strip lights running on 6-24VDC. 

Simply download and connect the ‘ColorEasy3 Plus’ app on iOS or Android smartphones to control your lights. Static colors or dynamic modes can be conveniently chosen from a smartphone. This product is compatible with RGB color changing LED strip light products

Flicker Free: With a PWM frequency of 8000Hz, it is flicker free for video and photography uses.

Combo also includes:

The Juno™ RGB Smartphone Controller also comes with two supplementary RF (Radio-Frequency) dimming controllers that provide on/off functionality and cycle through your APP’s preset color settings:

Handheld Remote Control w/ magnetic backing + Surface mount remote control w/ strong 3M adhesive backing

Juno Handheld RGB remoteJuno smartphone LED controller

Smartphone Receiver Features

  • Auto Circuit Protection
  • Flicker free 8000mHz: perfect for video and photography!
  • Support iOS & Android
  • Bluetooth Connection
  • IP68 Waterproof receiver
  • Ultra-Slim Design
  • High Power Output of 15A
  • RF Remotes Included (Non-waterproof)
  • 6-24V DC Voltage Range
  • 3 Year Warranty

App Features and Modes:

  • Brightness Control
  • Mode Speed Control
  • Static Color Setting: Program 256 color values for each Red, Green, or Blue to create almost any color
  • 42 Preset Unique Dynamic Modes
  • 32 User Saved Presets [16 on static colors and 16 dynamic modes]
  • 6 "smoothness" speeds for switching between user saved moves  


Screenshots from the smartphone application:

Static Mode: In Static mode, any color (16 million+ possibilities) can be chosen using specific R, G, and B values or the color palette. The color bar at the bottom of the screen allows the choice of a general color, which can then be tweaked in the large color gradient box in the middle of the screen. The color selected is represented as the colored square at the top-right of the screen. This button at the top right is where favorites are saved.

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth Static Color SelectionScreenshot 1: Static Mode 


Custom Color Selection: Programming of R, G, and B values (0 to 255) to produce any of 16 million+ colors. The color created is represented in the colored bar above the numbers. In this case, an R value of 11, a G value of 98, and a B value of 0 produces a forest green. 

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth Static Color Specific ValuesScreenshot 2: Custom Color Selection

 Press Star Button to View Saves Static Colors: The Star button at the top of the screen shows your programmed favorite colors. Up to 16 can be saved.

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth View Favorite Static ColorsScreenshot 3: Select User-Saved Static Colors



Saving a Static Color Setting: The saved favorite boxes wiggle when the Save Favorite button at the top right is pressed. Whatever the color that is currently selected can be saved into 1 of the 16 boxes by selecting a box.Juno RGB LED Bluetooth User Saved ColorsScreenshot 4: Saving Static Colors of Your Choice


In Dynamic Mode, up to 42 pre-programmed dynamic color modes can be chosen in the center of the screen, and the speed the mode that is playing can be adjusted at the bottom of the screen. The selected options are represented in the square button at the top right of the screen. 

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth Dynamic ModesScreenshot 5: Dynamic Mode


User-saved dynamic modes: The selected program can then be saved into the favorites by pressing the square button at the top right of the screen.

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth User saved dynamic modesScreenshot 6: User-saved dynamic modes


 Smooth Switching Speed will control the delay speeds between the color rotations and mode switching

Juno RGB LED Bluetooth smooth switching speedsScreenshot 6: Smooth Scrolling Settings


Bluetooth Controlled Receiver:

  • Dynamic  Mode: 42 modes
  • Static Color: 16 vivid colors
  • Connection Method: Bluetooth V2.1/4.0 Class 2
  • Smartphone  OS: iOS or Android
  • Name of App: ColorEasy3 Plus
  • PWM frequency: 8000 Hz (8KHz)
  • RF Remote: Yes
  • RF Remote Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Auto Circuit Protection: Overload / Overheat / Short Circuit / Overcurrent
  • Working Voltage: 6-24VDC
  • Bluetooth Control Distance: >10m in open area
  • Rated Output Current: 15A (3x5A) | 12V: 180 watt max | 24V: 360 watt max
  • IP Rating: IP68 Waterproof 

Radio Frequency (RF) Remotes

  • RF Remote Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • RF Control Distance: >100ft (30m) in open area
  • Dimensions of Handheld Remote: 122x35x9mm
  • Dimensions of Surface Mount Remote: 72x45x9mm
  • Working Temperature: -30 - 70°C
  • Certificate: CE/RoHS




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Frequently Asked Questions

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Product Reviews

Specifications for this Hybrid LED light kit

Product Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Light
Color Temperature 2900K for Warm White and 6500K for Bright White
Lumen (Brightness) 3450 Lumens per reel
Quantity per unit You will receive a continuous 16ft section of lights
UL Listed? Yes UL Listed, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage 12v DC
Dimmability Fully Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

-Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption 2.92 watts per foot
UV emission No
LED Count per reel 600 LEDs

2 years

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