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Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip Light


weatherproof IP65 color changing RGB 600 LED strip light

ColorBright™️ RGB 600 Color Changing LED Strip Light


The Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip Light is the brightest of them all. This LED strip creates high-brightness color-changing light, thanks to its 600 LED chips per reel. The most recent addition to our RGB portfolio, this product is ideal for projects that require rich bright colors.

These LED strip lights are around 80% brighter than the ColorBright™ RGB 300 and around 250% brighter than our ColorBright™ RGB 150. Overall, our Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip Light is a next-generation RGB strip with improved features that contribute to a great quality of light.

These LED strip lights are IP65 rated, which means that they are able to withstand low-pressure jets and splashes of water from all sides, are completely protected against dust, and are very easy to clean. Thanks to its 4040 LED chips, and the reduced LED pitch (at just 5/16” - 8 mm), our Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip will create a robust line of light guaranteed to take your breath away. These LED strip lights are available in 24V and can be run for 26’ without any voltage drop. They are fully dimmable, and can be set to many different modes depending on the controller they are paired with.


stage lighting using high brightness color changing LED strip lightsRGB Color changing LED strip light effects 

Top Features and Benefits:

dotless color changing LED strip lightshighly efficient specification grade LED stripslong run length RGB 600 LED strip

  • 600 LEDs per 16 ft reel twice as bright as RGB 300

  • Twice as bright as RGB 300

  • Silicone Sleeve IP65 rated

  • ✔ 7-year Warranty

  • ✔ 50,000 Hour Lifespan (8 hours a day for 17 years)

  • ✔ 24V input available

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  •  36 LEDs/Foot(120/Meter)

  •  Short LED pitch of 5/16"(8 mm)

  • ✔ Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

  •  Highest quality components packaged 4040 SMD LEDs

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

  • ✔ Pair these strips with a controller and access hundreds of effects (flashing, strobing, fading)

Applications and Use:

These strips are installed in a wide variety of applications including: 

  •  Architectural displays / sides of buildings

  •  Patio, barbecue, and other outdoor areas

  •  Under cars and motorcycles

  •  Backyard arbors and gazebos

  •  Outside in signs and under rooftops

  •  Under cabinet lighting in humid and damp environments

  •  Accent lighting locations

  •  Under cars and motorcycles

  •  High splash areas

  •  Under counter lighting

  •  Hotel lobbies

  •  Cove lighting

  •  Signage

  •  Edge lighting

  •  Restaurant and bar lighting

Brightness Level:

bright color changing LED  strip lights chart


Why choose ColorBright™️ RGB 600 LED Strip Light:

Our Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip Lights are ideal for projects that require the brightest color-changing lighting for exterior projects where the lights might be exposed to excess humidity or damp environments. This LED strip meets and surpases expectations regarding brightness, as well as the quality and boldness of the millions of colors created by it.

These lights can also be run up to 26’ in series, so they are a great option for vibrant color-changing lights that don't make you sacrifice run length for brightness. These lights can also be run up to 26’ in series, so they are really a great option for very brighter color-changing lights without having to compromise the versatility of a good run length.

Just like our other RGB LED strip lights, these strips can change to nearly any color combination you can think of, offering a wide range of creative options with the help of a RGB controller.

specification grade color changing LED stripshigh brightness RGB Color Changing LED Strip lightsRGB 600 LED strip cuttable every 2 inchesthick-3-oz-copper-pcb-led-strip-light.jpg

Pair it with an RGB Controller:

RGB color changing controllers for LED strip lights


Examples of what the RGB 150 Series can do for your space


tv backlighting using color changing LED strip lights

 Bar Lighting



 Patio Lighting


kitchen lighting with RGB LED strip lights

 Architectural Lighting



  • ✔ 6.1 Watts/ft

  • ✔ 7-year warranty

  • ✔ 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ Width: 1/2" (12 mm)

  • ✔ Height: 3/16" (4 mm)

  • ✔ Short LED pitch of 5/16" (8 mm)

  • ✔ Fully dimmable and color controllable

  • ✔ Maximum run length: 26 ft (8m)

  • ✔ 120° Beam Angle

  • ✔ 24V DC Input

  •  36 LEDs/Foot (120/Meter)

  •  Highest Brightness RGB LED Chips

  •  Thermally Resistant 3M VHB 9495

  •  Thick double layer 3oz copper PCB

  •  Single BIN LED selection to ensure color consistency

  •  Highest quality premium packaged 4040 SMD LEDs

  •  Environmental Temperature -4°F - 113°F (-20°C - 45°C)

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

Product SKU Watts / Foot
Lumens / Foot
Colo Wavelength Segment Length Max Run Length
in Series
IP65-CB-RGB600-24V 6.1 W/ft
(20 W/m)
231 lm/ft
(759 lm/m)
R: 617-627 nm
G: 515-525 nm
B: 464-474 nm
2" (50 mm) 26 ft
(8 meters)

Certified UL listed LED strip lightcertified-ce-led-strip-lightcertified-rohs-led-strip-light

Special Instructions:


We highly recommend using a heat sink with the RGB 600 LED Strip Light to optimize its lifespan.


When using solderless connectors with the RGB 600 LED Strip Light, you will need some more copper pad to work with. You need to cut both solder pads so that the piece to be attached to the connector has more surface area to insert into the connector head.

ColorBright™ RGB 600 Color Changing LED Strip Light FAQ


Q: How do I install my Outdoor (IP65) RGB 600 LED strip lights?

These LED strip lights need to use a RGB controller for them to work. Once you have selected the length of lights you want, you will have to select a power supply by calculating the wattage the length of strip will be using. When selecting a remote, make sure that you are not going beyond the wattage maximum for that particular controller. Our Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip Lights have 4 wires that need to go into their appropriate places within the RGB controller. Pay attention to the indicator markings on the strip. Learn the basics of installing RGB LED strip lighting under counters, connecting them to the controller, mounting and controlling them, here. Consult our design team for extra assistance.

Q What is the difference between Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 150, RGB 300, and RGB 600?

The 150, 300, or 600 directly correspond to the number of LED chips per reel. The ColorBright™ RGB 600 has twice the amount of chips of the ColorBright™ RGB 300, and it is around 80% brighter than RGB 300, and 250% brighter than ColorBright™ RGB 150. It also requires more power than the other two versions of our RGB strips.

Q Does my RGB 600 strip need to be placed in a channel?

While a channel isn't required for installation, we highly recommend using an aluminum channel or other metal heat sink for this strip as its high powered nature results in a high strip temperature. Using a metal heat sink with this strip will ensure that it can maximize its lifespan.

Q: What does IP65 mean?  

This is a rating system that defines the ability of a product to be able to work in different environments. IP is an acronym "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids. An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids. Here is a complete article about IP ratings.

Q: Can I cut reels that are outdoor rated IP65?

Yes. Be sure to reseal the strip light each time it’s cut to prevent water damage.

Q: How flexible are these outdoor strips?

The IP65 is flexible like a measuring tape. Because we use a soft silicone sleeve to make the strip water resistant, it is still very flexible.

Q: I am using RGB lighting and want to control them via a DMX controller – are your lights fully controllable?

Yes. Our lights work perfectly well with DMX systems. However, our strips are not individually-addressable. For example, if one chip displays red then all of the other chips will also show red. If you require chasing or independent-control then you will need to use a digital strip. .

Q: Can RGB chips be controlled independently?

You need to use addressable LED chips which are normally found on digital strips, like our ColorBright™ RGB Digital Pixel Strip. You will also need a Digital Controller for this product, like our Juno™ Mesh Digital LED Controller.

Q: What is the product warranty?

Because of our unyielding confidence in the quality of our product, we offer a 7-year warranty on our Outdoor (IP65) ColorBright™ RGB 600 LED Strip lights. For more info, please read our warranty policy.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use your lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: Can I use my RGB 600 strip in a recessed application?

Due to the fact that this is a high output strip, it generates more heat than the average LED strip.  For this reason we highly recommend against using the RGB 600 in any type of recessed application (even when being used with a channel) to avoid the build up of excess heat that could potentially damage the strip.


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