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LED Puck Lights

Victory™ LED Puck Lights

The Victory™ LED Puck Lights are round, compact fixtures that emit a single point of bright light. They are perfect for applications requiring accent or task lighting with great color rendering. Each puck light can be installed directly on a surface or recessed into cabinets or shelves.

There are two available color temperatures, Warm White (3000K) and Natural White (4000K), so you can match them to your favorite lighting fixtures. Thanks to their condensed illumination range, you can use them to highlight objects or decorations in an area or to enhance the overall look of a space by adding layers of light and focus points.

The Victory™ LED Puck Lights are fully dimmable and can be daisy chained up to 7 fixtures in a continuous run. They are low profile, very lightweight, and have a 5-year warranty.

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