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UltraBright™ Valor Series Diffused LED Strip Light


Hotel entrance lighting using Valor diffused LED strip light

Valor™ Series Diffused LED Strip Light - IP67 Rated


The Valor™ Series LED Strip Light provides an uninterrupted dotless line of lightThis means that you will not see the individual dots of individual LEDs when the strip is in direct view or when reflected off of shiny surfaces.

The Valor™ Series was engineered to be fully diffused, brighter, more reliable for long-term outdoor installation, and lasts much longer with better thermal performance than other "COB LED strip lights" available in the market. Its high chip density and specialized silicon diffusion sleeve creates beautiful seamless line of light. Unlike the competitor's COB-style strips, this light is very bright, boasting 805 lumens per foot with a CRI over 90!

With a watertight IP67 protection rating, it is also the preferred outdoor-use high-brightness strip light. It's fully dimmable and can be controlled with PWM controllers, AC dimmers, and DMX controllers.

diffused flexible LED strip for dotless lines of light

Each light strip includes extra connectors, mounting brackets, screws, open end caps, and closed end caps. 

This strip light can be easily installed using its own connectors and our Outdoor Grip Connectors, thus allowing this strip to be used on different types of projects. As with all of our high-output LED strip lights, we recommend using a heat sink, such as our Ion™ Mounting Channel

Top Features and Benefits:

high brightness LED strip with 805 lumens per foot   Fully diffused lighting icon   IP67 rated LED strip icon   16 ft max run length LED strip icon

  • ✔ High CRI up to 94 and TLCI up to 95

  • ✔ Outdoor IP67 rated

  • ✔ High lumen output up to 805 lm/ft

  • ✔ Maximum run length of 16' 5" (5 m)

  • ✔ Very high chip density: 93 LED chips per ft

  • ✔ Efficiency of up to 119 lm/W

  • ✔ Fully Dimmable

  • ✔ 120 beam angle

  • ✔ 24V DC input

  •  50,000 hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ 7-year warranty

  •  UL Listed (cULus) E362522

Available Colors (CCTs):

3000K and 5000K color temperatures


These strips are installed in a wide variety of high brightness applications including:

  •  When lights are in direct view or reflected from surfaces

  •  Hallway lighting

  •  Outdoor cove lighting

  •  Outdoor corridor lighting

  •  Patio lighting

  •  Bathroom lighting

  •  Stair lighting

  •  Signage lighting

  •  Showcase lighting

  •  Architectural Lighting

Why Choose Valor™ Series Diffused LED Strip Light?

This product is ideal for applications where you need very bright, fully-diffused lighting, or high-output lighting in outdoor settings.

In direct view you will see a solid line of light with a dotless appearance. This strip can be used in hundreds of locations, but really shines with commercial projects, hallways, outdoor coves, outdoor corridors, among other architectural projects. Its high output also makes it perfect for signage lighting and showcase projects. Diffused LED lighting looks more complete and finished than staring directly at spaced out LED chips.

These lights are very flexible and can be mounted onto different surfaces using its 3M adhesive and mounting brackets. Keep in mind that a metal heat sink is highly recommended due to the high output of the strip, but it is still very versatile in its application. Additionally, these lights are IP67 rated so they can be used outdoors. 

Our  Valor™ Series diffused LED Strip Lights are safe and made with top-of-the-line components and are UL Listed, RoHS, and CE compliant.

7 year warranty diffused LED strip  fully dimmable dotless LED strip light  cuttable every 1 inch LED strip  120 degree beam angle strip light 


  • ✔ 7.3 Watts/ft

  • ✔ 2835 LED chips

  • ✔ Maximum run length up to 16 ft (5 meters)

  • ✔ 50,000-hour lifespan (8 hours/day for 17 years)

  • ✔ 1/2" (12 mm) strip width

  • ✔ Fully dimmable

  • ✔ 120° beam angle

  • ✔ 24V DC Input

  • ✔ Available CCTs: 3000K and 5000K

  • ✔ Cuttable every 1" (26 mm)

  •  IP67 Rated

  •  7 year warranty

  •  Thermally resistant 3M GL 9495

  •  Operating Temperature: -4°F to 113°F (-20°C to 45°C)

  •  UL listed cULus (E362522)

Product SKU Color CCT Lumens / Foot Lumens / Watt  CRI Gamut Score Relative Fidelity
IP67-UB-VA-30K 3000K 750 110 94 99 92
IP67-UB-VA-50K 5000K 805 119 94 98 90
*View the strip's FAQ to learn what CRI and other items here mean


Certified UL listed LED strip lightcertified-ce-led-strip-lightcertified-rohs-led-strip-light


Compatible and Recommended Products:


Aluminum Channels 

Ion Mounting Channel

Dimmers and Home Automation Controllers 

Compatible Dimmers and Controllers 


Outdoor Solderless Grip Connectors

Power Supplies

Non Dimmable Drivers 

Flexfire LEDs® Plug-in Power Supply
Mean Well™ HLG and LPV Hardwired Power Supplies 

Dimmable Drivers

Zurik® Universal Dimmable Driver
Zurik® EMLV Dimmable LED Driver
Lutron Hi-Lume Dimmable Driver


Warning: Do not install the strip with the majority of the strip hanging or unsupported. Allowing the product to be suspended or dangling while installing may cause damage to the PCB due to the weight of the strip. When installing, support the rest of the strip to reduce strain on the piece you are installing (sticking with adhesive, mounting, etc).

1. First, Do a Mock Installation

  • It is important that you have a clear vision of your project and know what you want the end result to look like. Plan where you want to install your lights, driver, and dimmer.
  • Before cutting the LED strip, or permanently installing it, complete a mock installation to test your lights. Lay out all the components in the correct area, unrolling the strip in its entirety.
  • Connect your LED strip to your dimmer and power supply. 
  • Turn on your lights and check to see if everything is working properly.

Below is an example setup diagram using a Leona Smart Home Controller. Remember, you can use a variety of other controllers and power supplies, granted that they are compatible. 

Valor diffused LED strip light mock installation

2. Troubleshoot If Needed

  • The strips should light up after connecting them to your dimmer and power supply. If they do not, please check your connections and make sure the polarity matches all the way through from the strip light, through the controller (optional accessory), to the power supply. Make sure that indicators of positive and negative are matched. 
  • Before installing your lights, check to see if the brightness level and color temperature you chose for your project look the way you envisioned. You will be ready to proceed with the installation after testing your lights and components.

3. Turn Power Off at Circuit Breaker

  • If you are working with line voltage (hardwiring a power supply), make sure you turn the power off at the circuit breaker to avoid any possible injury before making a final installation to the project area.

4. Cut Strip Light to Required Length

  • If you need to cut your LED strip light, first measure the length needed and only cut along the indicated cut marks with sharp scissors. Make sure that you cut straight along the strip’s cut point to ensure a proper seal if using end caps or connectors.
  • As a reminder, cutting the strip does void the IP67 nature of the strip as your modifications cannot be guaranteed an IP rating.

cuttable Valor diffused LED strip light

5. Make Sure Polarity is Matched Throughout The Setup

  • When installing separate segments of the LED strip together by soldering or using connectors, always make sure the polarity is matched from one strip to the next.

Valor diffused LED strip light polarity

6. Attaching Additional Wire and Capping Exposed End

If you have cut your strip, add any additional wire, connectors, or end caps before making final installations (Nobody wants to solder upside down or work within tight spaces within crown moulding). 

A. Method 1 - Soldering & End Caps 

Cut 3 mm off the silicone cover, enough to expose the copper solder pads. Take the stranded wires you wish to solder on to the strip and feed it through the Front End Cap. Solder the wire to the solder pads on the strip, making sure that they are not crossing and there is no tin spilling over into the next solder pad. Then, fill the Front End Cap with silicone and push it over the solder pads, making a snug fit. Make sure it is properly adjusted before letting the sealant cure according to its instructions. 

When using the End Caps, repeat the last step for the opposite side of the strip.

Valor diffused LED strip light soldering

B. Method 2 - Using IP65 Solderless Grip Connectors (End Cap included on connector)

If you don’t want to solder to the strip, you can also use IP65 Solderless Grip Connectors, sold separately.

Carefully peel off 2” of the adhesive tape and its backer from the back of the LED strip light and push it back to make room for the connector. This will allow the silicone to seal properly and ensure that water is not pulled into the seal.

Valor premier diffusion LED strip light with adhesive backing

Installing IP65 Grip Connectors

Coat the open end of the strip and approximately 1” of the top of the strip in silicone sealant. (Due to the dome-shaped nature of the strip, sealant does need to be applied to the top to fill in the gaps on the sides).

Slide the transparent case of your Outdoor IP65 Grip connector into the sleeve, until the strip is making proper contact with the end of the clear plastic. Then, grab the white plastic part of your connector and push the metal contacts through the window of the transparent case. Adjust it with pliers until you hear a click, and then let the sealant cure according to its own instructions.

Valor diffused LED strip light with solderless connectors

7. Apply Silicone Sealant

  • Open your silicone sealant and apply generously around the end of the connector to ensure that any gaps are filled between the strip and the connector to create a watertight seal.

Sealing wet location LED strip light with silicone

8. Retest the setup

  • Test the strips again to make sure they all light up and are functioning properly before the final installation. Once you have verified all segments are working, you’re ready to install them.

Valor LED strip light wiring diagram 

9. Strip Light pre-Install preparation

  • Thoroughly clean any surface where you will be attaching your LED strip lights. The adhesive backing is strong, but will not stick to surfaces if they are dirty or dusty.

Clean surface to stick LED strip lights

10. Attach the strip light in place

  • Peel the rest of the 3M tape cover a few inches at a time while gently pressing the strip to the installation surface. Make sure the strip is secured on the surface. Use mounting clips to ensure permanent adhesion.

Peel and stick LED strip lights 

11. Complete All Connections

  • Complete the connections and wiring between your power supply, dimmers, and controllers. For more guidance, refer to the system diagrams below on how to connect your UltraBright™ Valor Series LED Strip Lights to your driver.

LED strip light complete installation diagram

12. Turn Power On at Circuit Breaker

  • Turn on the power. The lights should light up and work properly. Test all dimming functions.

Turn on LED strip light diagram


13.  Contact us with any questions or troubleshooting

  • Almost all issues are an easy fix. If the lights are not lighting up, double check your connections and polarity. Check to make sure the power supply is plugged in and is properly functioning. We are always available to help! Contact our After-Sales Support Team with any questions

UltraBright™ Valor Series Dotless LED Strip Light FAQ:


Q: What are the main advantages of Valor™ Series LED Strip Light over standard LED strip lights?

The main advantages are:

Line of seamless, dotless light! This strip offers a fully-diffused, dot-free line of high-quality light. You will not see individual LEDs in direct views or reflections
Light Quality:  Compared to our competitors, our lights have near perfect color rendering, so you can see a big difference in how colors and textures pop versus others. We have the longest warranty for a product of this type and brightness.
Light Output: Over 800 lumen per foot. When compared to all our outdoor-rated LED strip lights, our Valor™ Series offers 50% more brightness than our second-brightest Outdoor LED strip light.
Resistance to the Elements: The strip is protected with a silicone sleeve that creates a weatherproof environment for the lights while creating a diffused line of light.
Wet Location Outdoor Protection: These LED strip lights have an IP67 rating, which puts them above all our other products in terms of protection against the elements.

Q: Can I use my Valor™ Series LED Strip Lights outdoors?

Yes, your Valor™ Series LED Strip Lights are wet location outdoor rated and have an IP67 rating. Please make sure all connections and other components are also IP67-rated. Please keep in mind that cutting the strip voids the IP rating, so you will need to seal the strip with silicone and test that there are no holes (with the power disconnected of course).

Q: Can I cut the strips myself?

Yes, our LED strip lights are made to be cut to your desired length. Using sharp scissors, you can cut this strip every 1". You’ll see the cut marks printed on the surface of the strip. As a reminder, cutting the strip does void the IP67 nature of the strip as customer modifications cannot be guaranteed an IP rating. So you will need to seal the strip with silicone and test that there are no holes (with the power disconnected of course).

Q: What is the product warranty?

Because of our unyielding confidence in the quality of our product, we offer a 7-year warranty on our UltraBright™ Valor Series LED Strip Light. For more info, please read our warranty policy.

Q: What are lumens (lm)?

This is a quantifiable amount of light produced by an LED strip or other light-producing product, as seen by the human eye. In other words, this is one way we can measure how much light is produced. When comparing LED strip lights, you want to compare the lumen output as well as the CRI, watts/foot, warranty, and bin selection.

Q: What is the lifespan of your strip lights?

Our lights have been rigorously tested and have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours before dropping to 70% luminosity. This means that if you were to use the lights 12 hours a day, every day, the lights would be expected to last longer than 10 years. Even after that time has elapsed, the lights will maintain a brightness of 70%. Higher-output strips require a heat sink to reach the expected lifespan and beyond.

Q: Which Power Supply do I need for my (x) feet of LEDs

The length of LED strip lights of your project will determine the size of the power supply you need. View our Power Supply Chart to find the exact LED power supply you need.

Q: What is CRI and TLCI and why should I care?

Color rendering index (CRI) measures how colors are correctly rendered under a light source in comparison to natural sunlight. The index is measured on a 0-100 scale with 100 being a perfect rating of color accuracy, meaning the colors appear as they naturally would under unadulterated daylight. High CRI lighting is sought out everywhere, but is particularly valuable in. The bottom line: the higher the CRI, the higher quality is the light source.

95 - 100 → Phenomenal color rendering. Colors appear as they should, subtle tones pop out and are accented, skin tones look beautiful, art comes alive, backsplashes and paint shows it's true beautiful full saturation. You have to see it to believe it!

90 - 95 → Great color rendering! Almost all colors 'pop' and are easily distinguishable. Noticeably great lighting starts at a CRI of 90.

80 - 90 → Good color rendering, where most colors are rendered well. You may not see items as fully saturated as you would like, but most people will not notice.

60 - 75 → Poor color rendering. Items and colors may look desaturated, drab, and at times unidentifiable (cannot see the difference between black and navy colored socks).

Q: What is the maximum run length of the UltraBright™ Valor Premier Diffusion Series LED Strip Light before voltage drop?

The maximum continuous line of lighting in series is 16 ft (5 m). Longer connections are possible in parallel with the correct power unit.

Q: What does IP mean? What is the difference between IP65 and IP67?

IP67 provides more protection against the elements than IP65. What does IP mean? This is a rating system that defines the ability of a product to be able to work in different environments. IP is an acronym "Ingress Protection". It is a measurement of the protection an item will have against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt, etc.) and liquids.

An IP rating is comprised of 2 numbers. The first number refers to the protection against solid objects (dust, etc) and the second number refers to protection against liquids. Read an article on IP ratings, here. IP65 is made to withstand jets of water and all dust or dirt while IP67 offer some protection against momentary accidental submersion

Q: What is the importance of UL Listed?

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) are an independent, not-for-profit organization that focuses on evaluating products for safety certification. This means you can use and install these LEDs in commercial spaces, industrial applications and in your home knowing that these are safe products.


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Installation Guide

Valor™ Series Dotless LED Strip Light Installation Guide

Data Sheet

Valor™ Series Dotless LED Strip Spec Sheet

IES / LDT Files

3000K IES / LDT | 5000K IES / LDT

Photometric Reports

3000K  | 5000K

Goniophotometer Reports

3000K  | 5000K


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