How to Install LED Strip Lights

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How to Install LED Strip Lights - LED Lighting install DIY

Installing LED strip lights is fast and easy:               

Following these few steps, you can achieve a beautifully illuminated area in just a few minutes.

led-install-step-1.jpeg STEP 1: Familiarize yourself with LED Strips

LED Install step 2 STEP 2: Choose the right brightness and color of your strips

LED Install step 3 STEP 3: Calculate length of strips and power supply

LED Install step 4 STEP 4: Install your LED strip lights


Below are guides on your specific application!

Installation Tutorial
Youtube LED Product Installation
and Demonstration Guide

LED strip lights installation guides: How to install 101

General Guides

General LED strip light installation guide

Solderless connector installation guide

Choosing the correct power supply for your LED flexible strip lights

Under Cabinet LED Installations

This is one of the most popular applications of LED light strips. It is very simple to install LED strip lights, as they can be cut every inch or so to fit your exact special requirements. Learn how to cut your LED strips, as well as what sort of LED power supply you’ll need and tips for using a remote with RGB LED strip lights. 

How to Choose and Install Under Cabinet Lighting

How to mount and install your flexible LED strips under counters and cabinets

How to install LED strips to connectors and Magnetic power units

How to install LED strip lights into an existing power outlet

Cutting your LED strip lights to the desired length

How to install RGB LED strip lights under a counter

Cove lighting installations

How to install beautiful LED cove lighting

Stairway lighting installations

How to install beautiful LED stairway lighting

Dimming your LED strip Lights

Learn how to control the brightness of your LED strip lights with a Leviton or Lutron wall dimmer. A PWM (Pulse Width Modification) dimmer is installed after the LED driver and does not normally involve working with high voltage or require an electrician.

How to Install LED Strip Lights into a Lutron Dimmer w/ Magnetic Dimmable Power supply

How to install LED strip lights to a dimmer (PWM)

How to install RGB color changing LED strip lights - RGB tutorials

Learn the basics of installing RGB LED strip lighting under counters, connecting them to the controller, mounting and controlling them.

How to install more than one RGB LED strip light to a controller

How to install and control RGB color changing LED lights

Other Installation Considerations

Here’s some more useful information, such as tips for installing a long run of LED strip lights and which power supply you’ll need based on type and length of LED strip. Want easy tips on how to connect solderless connectors? What do IP numbers mean, and what’s the difference between IP65 and IP68? What is the difference between 3528 and 5050 LED chips?

FAQ - Frequently asked questions about LED strip lighting and technology

Long distance installs: What is voltage drop and which wire gauge should I use?

Installation Guide to Solderless Connectors and Flexible LED Strip Lights (old guide)

LED Strip light Waterproofing (IP) Specifications 

Comparison between 3528 LEDs v 5050 LEDs

How to create Ambient Light with LED Strip Lights

How to Use LED Strip Lights For Truck Dock Lighting

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*Remember, ALWAYS consult a professional before any installation. These guides are not intended to replace professional opinion. Serious consequences such as fire and death may arise from improper installation.

If you need immediate instructions that are not listed on the site, please email, call us, or use the chat window below!

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