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DMX XLR-3 Connectors


DMX XLR-3 Connectors


If you are looking for a way to build your own DMX data cables with an XLR-3 connection on the end, then you’ve come to the right place! This DMX connector is made of black, anodized aluminum with a plastic cap and rubber strain relief boot. It features three solder cup connectors for the conductors and a solder loop connector for the shield. Please Note: Data cable is not included and must be purchased separately. 


  • Male and Female versions available
  • 3-pin anodized aluminum pins


The XLR-3 connectors are ideal for creating custom sizes of DMX cables for installations where you need to connect DMX fixtures together.   

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  1. Take your connectors apart
  2. Follow the pinout guide below to determine which wires you are going to solder to your pins. (If you are using CAT5 the standard pinout color combo would be Data+ using the Orange and White wire, Data- using the Orange wire, and Ground using the Brown and White+Brown wires)  

    Conductor 3-Pin Connector
    Ground/Shield Pin 1
    Data 1- Pin 2
    Data 1+ Pin 3

  3. Run your data cable through the rubber strain relief, screw cap and plastic cap
  4. Carefully solder the proper cables to the solder caps per the pinout chart
  5. Reassemble all components and test your cable

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these connectors rated for outdoor use?

No, these connectors are only meant for indoor use in dry spaces.

Q: Is there a wire diameter limit for these connectors?

22 or 24 AWG CAT5 or DMX data cable is recommended for use with these connectors.


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User Guide - Data Sheet

DMX Cabling and Accessories Spec Sheet

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