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DMX Terminator


DMX Terminator


Recommended for use at the end of every chain of DMX fixtures, this DMX Terminator plugs into any 3-pin XLR port and helps to improve your DMX signal reliability by preventing signal reflections. 


  • Male 3-pin XLR anodized aluminum pins
  • 120-ohm resistor


The DMX Terminator is ideal for placing at the end of any daisy chain of DMX fixtures. Simply plug it in to the XLR-3 data port on your DMX fixture and you’re set! We recommend using terminators at the end of all DMX fixture chains, but a good rule of thumb is to include one after any chain of five.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these connectors rated for outdoor use?

No, these connectors are only meant for indoor use in dry spaces.

Q: Do I really need a DMX Terminator?

If your decoder chains are small, your installation will generally be okay and might not need a terminator, but if you are starting to get signal bounce back that interferes with performance, terminators are a must. We generally recommend terminators for use with daisy chains longer than five fixtures.


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User Guide - Data Sheet

DMX Cabling and Accessories Spec Sheet

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