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DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter

  • Mini driver for DMX controllers

DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter


This DMX/RDM 8-Way Splitter is here to make your DMX installation easier. This device lets you split a DMX input signal into eight different outputs, making it ideal for projects where wiring between LED fixtures is not possible, or configuration is complex.

The ideal companion to our DMX decoders, this splitter will expand the DMX signal of your projects to eight outputs, which can be used to create a new chain of up to 32 DMX devices; this means that each of the eight outputs can be the start of a new chain. Each output port of this device has an independent DMX signal that can run up to 984’ (300 meters) starting from the source. In total, 256 DMX devices can be connected from this splitter.

This unit has one RJ45 DMX input and 8 RJ45 DMX outputs, so it is specifically aimed at DMX installations using Category 5 (CAT5) cabling, and should be compatible with other DMX fixtures, consoles, or products with RJ45 ports.

Our DMX/RDM 8-way Splitter supports bi-directional communication thanks to its Remote Device Management (RDM) functionality, which can be turned on and off with a switch, and sends important information back and forth. Also, there is complete electronic isolation between the input and the outputs, which means that your unit will be completely protected from any problems on the DMX line. Please Note: This splitter runs off of 12-24V DC power, so a small dedicated power supply is required for it in addition to any drivers that you may be using to power your strip lights.


  • 8-way DMX/RDM 8-Way splitter
  • Eight isolated RJ45 outputs
  • Each output can support up to 32 separate devices, for 256 devices total
  • Eliminates cable distance and device number limitations
  • RJ45 input, and feed-through RJ45 output for DMX chains
  • Compatible with DMX512 (1990) protocols
  • Compatible with RDM protocols (bi-directional communication function allowing for real time remote monitoring)
  • LED indicators for confirmation of proper functioning


  • Stage Lighting
  • Event Lighting
  • Architectural DMX installations
  • Residential DMX installations
  • Musical Events
  • Audiovisual applications
  • General DMX applications
  • Any DMX strip light installation using ten or more decoders

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DMX RDM 8-Way Splitter
Input Voltage 12-24V DC
DMX Control Protocol DMX, RDM
Port Options RJ45
Ambient Temperature -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
Operating Temperature -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C)
Dimensions L: 7.75" W: 4.5" H:1.5" (197 mm x 114.3 mm x 38 mm)
Weight 1.7 lbs (0.77 kg)
Warranty 5 years
Certifications CE, RoHS
IP Rating IP20


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why use DMX?

If you have very specific control requirements, an animation pattern, or set-ups that require multiple zones or areas, then DMX is a good fit for your project. DMX controls many different pieces of DMX equipment such as lighting equipment, smoke machines, projectors, dimmers, etc. from a central location. In addition, fewer cables are used saving setup time and cost.

Q: What is a DMX Splitter?

A DMX Splitter allows you to send your DMX signal in more than one direction, or expand the reach of the signal to more lights. A DMX Splitter is very useful because a digital signal - such as DMX, cannot be split, but rather, it needs to be copied or repeated.

Using a DMX Splitter is very useful for larger projects where there is a need to keep the DMX signal strong enough for all the lights receiving the signal. Keep in mind that a DMX signal can only run through about 32 devices before showing problems, so using a Splitter like this will allow you to increase that number to 256 devices. Splitters are also useful when the lights are in different locations and they cannot be “daisy-chained”

Q: Where should I connect my DMX Splitter?

This varies from set-up to set-up, but a DMX Splitter is normally connected to a DMX Controller (such our 5-Channel DMX512 Decoder), and then all other DMX lines in the set-up will come out of the splitter. However, many other connection lay-outs are possible. /span>

Q: What is RDM?

RDM stands for Remote Device Management, and it is a protocol of bi-directional communication function allowing for real time remote monitoring of your DMX set up. This feature enables users to discover, manage, and set up all DMX devices remotely from any RDM-equipped controller. With RDM, devices on a set up can communicate important information, such as their address, status, estimated lifespan, and more. /span>

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User Guide - Data Sheet

8-Way Splitter User Guide

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