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Colorbright™ Strip Lights

Colorbright LED Strip Lights










World's Greatest Residential and Recreational LED strip lights

UL Listed Colorbright™ Flexible LED Strip Lights

The Colorbright™ series is inspired by your needs.

Our home is our sanctuary, it is our escape from the very day hustle and bustle of everyday life. The  lighting solutions that we choose can greatly change the feeling of each and every room. With this  concept in mind Flexfire LEDs present the colorbright single color range. This residential grade product allows for the creation of indirect accent lighting anywhere in the home with ease. From traditional warmer tones to more contemporary color temperatures this range of products will allow for your visions to become a reality.

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TOP 4 need-to-know facts about LED strip lights before purchasing

Beware of inexpensive LED strip lights. There are many ranges of quality at many price points. Educate yourself before buying and be confident with Flexfire LEDs strip light. Our a
rchitectural grade LED strips emit much more lumen than any competing strip and use the highest grade thermal performing LEDs and PCBUL Listed E362522 

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