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  • Ultra Bright LED strip light - warm white
  • Warm White UltraBright™ led strip light
  • 12v UltraBright™ warm white strip light
  • UltraBright™ warm white LED strips in a dining room
  • UltraBright™ warm white LED strips

UltraBright™ Design Series Warm White LED Strip Light - by the foot

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Sold by the Foot
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15 unit(s)

Product Description

UltraBright™ Design Series Warm White LED Strip Light
by the foot

warm white LED strip lighting example

Specification Download Sheet:

Ultra Bright LED strip light spec sheet download ul-registration-flexfire-leds.png


The UltraBright™ Design Series Warm White LED strip light comes on a reel of high intensity LED chips on a flexible printed circuit board (PCB) with a strong adhesive backing. Sometimes referred to as "LED tape lights," the flexible design of LED strips allows for the addition of warm white light in basically any space you can imagine. In addition, UltraBright™ Design Series LED strips are a great choice for those looking to use energy more efficiently in their home or business because with LED strips you enjoy a lot more light at a fraction of the cost. 

UltraBright™ Design Series LED strips are great at providing elegant, discreet lighting and are commonly used by architects and lighting designers in professional lighting installations. 

Top features and benefits:

- These strips are fully dimmable, and are great for ambient and task lighting
- They're UL Listed, which means they have been independently verified as safe for use within home and business
- They produce 6,000 lumens per reel / 366 lumens per foot   

LED strips sold BY THE FOOT come in maximum continuous run of 15 feet.

Ordering more than that? Shop by the reel

Application and Use:

These strips are installed in a wide variety of applications including:

- Under cabinet lighting
- TV backlighting
- Under kickboards
- Display / jewelry case lighting 
- Picture backlighting
- Bar and club lighting
- Inside closets and cabinets
- Hair salon lighting
- Above cabinet lighting
- Transluscent backlighting
- Hotel reception
- Cove lighting

Technical Details and Specifications: 

Product      UltraBright™ Design Series Warm White LED strip light
Color Temperature       2700K - 3200K
Lumen (Brightness)      6,000 per reel / 366 per foot
Quantity per unit      Sold by the foot
Working Voltage      12v DC constant voltage
Strip width      3/8in (10mm)
Dimmibility      Fully dimmable
Beam Angle      120 Degrees
Can it be cut?      Yes, there is a cut line after every third LED 
Power consumption      4.4 watts per foot
UL Listed?      Yes
CRI      80+ CRI (What is CRI?)
Maximum run length      16ft 5in feet before running in parallel is required


UltraBright™ LED strip light FAQ:

Which Power Supply do I need for my (x) feet of LEDs?
The length of LED strip lights of your project will determine the size of the power supply you need. View our Power Supply chart to find the exact LED power supply you need.

Which wire gauge do I need?
Different setups require different wire gauges (wire thickness) for safety and performance. The current and run length will determine the exact gauge of wire needed for your project. Read here for more information on how to select the correct wire gauge for your LED strip light installation as well as managing voltage drop.

Is there an outdoor option?
Yes, we do carry a water resistant Outdoor UltraBright™ Design Series Warm White LED strip light.

What do I need to turn on my lights?
To turn on LED strips, you will need to connect to a LED power supply. For connecting strips to the power supply we recommend soldering to make the strongest connections. Another option is to use our solderless connectors, which is a faster and easier way to install LED strips.

How do I mount the lights?
The 3M double sided adhesive that is found on the back of the LED strip allows you to install them in most locations. Be sure to thoroughly clean the surface to remove all dust and particulate matter before mounting the strip. Certain surfaces may require you to take additional measures to secure the strips lights into place. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Can I cut the strips myself?
Yes, LED strips are made to be cut to your desired length. Using sharp scissors, you can cut the strip every few inches (on a line that's marked after every third LED).

What is a 3014 SMD LED chip?
3014 SMD (Surface Mounted Diode) represents the size of the LED chips on the strip. A 3014 SMD chip measures at 3.0mm x 1.4mm. Click here for more information on LED chip sizes.

What is the importance of UL Listed?
UL is an acronym for the Underwriters Laboratories. They are an independent product safety certification organization. A good summary used by UL is, "a not-for-profit organization dedicated to public safety." This means you can install these LEDs in commercial spaces, industrial applications, and in your home with peace of mind.

More Information on LED Strip Lights:

Top 4 "need to know facts" about LED strip lights before purchasing With a wide range of quality and price points in the market, it is important to educate yourself before buying. 90% of our customers found this page useful in selecting their LED strips

LED Strip Lighting Examples The versatility of LED strips can be seen in the variety of projects our clients have completed. Looking for ideas? LED lighting example projects

Need assistance with your project or purchase? Our design specialists are ready to help.
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Product Reviews

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  1. Where's my sunglasses

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2016

    Awesome product. Easy install. Expensive but kind-a worth it for stuff that works

  2. UltraBright LED tape

    Posted by Ralph Mancine on 22nd Dec 2015

    Very bright and 2700K gives warm light for the kitchen. Shows food and backsplash tile$ colors well.
    At full intensity, these run warm. I'm glad we used the aluminum channels because they're good heat sinks and make the whole rig easy to clean with the full-length lenses.

  3. Love these!

    Posted by Lori on 29th Sep 2015

    We're a design/build firm and have tried a couple other strip lights and these by far are the best! Others have issues with the tape adhering and ugly "yellow" lighting where the Flexfire warm white are a nice light and we've not had any issues with them adhering.

  4. Best LED Warm White for under kitchen cabinet applications

    Posted by Paul-Burnsville MN on 16th Aug 2015

    Ultrabright Design series warm white...After researching several company's for LED strip lighting I was disappointed with the amount and and quality of light provided until I discovered
    Flexfire. This is a great product that may cost a bit more however offers superior value in comparison to anything else I could find in the marketplace at this time.

  5. just what I wanted

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Mar 2015

    It is exactly what I needed for my project.

  6. More expensive, but definitely worth every penny

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2015

    Unlike the LEDs sold in the big box stores, the design series lights provide excellent illumination. Coupled with a Lutron line voltage dimmer, we have complete control of the brightness, and the transformer is only powered when the lights are on. Excellent customer phone support.

  7. Under Cabinet lighting, as advertized

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Dec 2014

    Works very well. I wired with Lutron maestro dimmers (3 way switch) very happy with how they turned out. I debated between WW and NW, glad I went went WW for my house. I had a question about the dimmer compatibility before I purchased and got an email back within 24 hours :-)

  8. Great product and support

    Posted by Bernie Moore on 28th Nov 2014

    My under cabinet project went without a hitch thanks to an excellently designed product and great help from the customer rep, Daniel Toro. As a small customer I was made to feel as important as a corporation. Great work guys

  9. Great product!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2014

    This was my first LED project. Replacing old lighting in the back of the 13 FT. tall cross on the front wall of our church. I had some questions, but Ruy, the tech rep that got my call for help, took me by the hand and guided me through the selection process and gave me allot of needed guidance. By the time he was finished, I had no doubt that it would turn out good. The project is now finished and the results are outstanding! I now have two more LED projects, Ruy and Flexfire have earned my trust and business.

  10. Great Product and Service

    Posted by Don in Norcross, GA on 10th Apr 2014

    Installed a roll of UltraBright Warm White Flex strips under four new kitchen cabinets and inside the shelves of a large glass-door cabinet. The product was extremely easy to install and worked flawlessly with the 12-volt dimmers. About 2 weeks before the two-year warranty expired, one 42" strip began to go dim. I wrote an e-mail explaining the problem (with a photo) and had the replacement strip in my hands in 3 days, postage free! I don't get that kind of service from many companies. Keep up the good work! (The replacement strip is up and working fine -- 10-minute job.)

  11. Better than expected

    Posted by Sergio on 22nd Mar 2014

    I installed 10' of ultra bright lights under my laundery room cabinets, 25" above the counter. I used a dimmer because my wife likes to be able to have dimmed light by I like to have bright light to do work on the counter. this is more than a task light. Eassy to install, i am very happy. also, I think this is a compay with very good customer services, before i purchased lights, transformer, dimmer, connecgtors, i sent two e-mails with questins and both were answered the day after.

  12. My client was ecstatic with the results

    Posted by Earle Wright on 16th Feb 2014

    I recently installed under-cabinet lighting for a client's kitchen. From measurements I had taken previously, I had precut the strips and attached measured lengths of hookup wire. In addition to that, I mounted the power supply and dimmer module on a small piece of 1/4" plywood, and I pre-wired between them. All of this work was performed in my shop to minimize any possible inconvenience to the client. Additionally, it allowed me to test the final configuration prior to installation.

    My install time at the client's house was very minimal due to the work I had done ahead of time. The installation went quickly, smoothly, and with minimal impact on the client's schedule.

    I really can't express how excited the client was when she first turned the lights on. If she had been any happier with the lighting, there would have been tears! She fell in love with the remote dimmer control, and worked it for quite a while just to observe the different lighting levels.

    FlexfireLEDs made me a hero to my client, and I expect to get more work as a result.

  13. Great product, slow turn on

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jan 2014

    product is great, bright, though a cooler color than i expected. Very easy to install and set up.
    One negative is that it takes a good 4-5 seconds for the strip to light up when flicking the switch.

  14. So cool!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2013

    These work great. I cut them down to the size I needed and I've had no problems with them.

  15. Excellent LED lights

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2013

    These lights are extremely bright and easy to install. The backing is also really sticky and I haven't had any problems with them coming down. I highly recommend flexfire, because they were extremely helpful and really helpful.

  16. Most Excellent LED's, from Most Excellent Flexfire!

    Posted by Peter Schmidt, Milwaukee on 29th May 2012

    A few months ago, I installed 8' of the UltraBright Warm White under my kitchen cabinets. I couldn't be happier, both with the product and the company. When I had questions, Flexfire was there with answers, twice on the phone and once via e-mail.

    Everyone who sees the install is amazed, and I think I have a few new devotees to LED's and to Flexfire. Make sure to include a dimmer with your order, as these are waaaay bright.

    Thanks for helping put the finishing touch on my kitchen; the right lights made a world of difference!

  17. Loved the product..

    Posted by NA on 29th Aug 2011

    attached the adhesive backing now cannot move the product. My recommendation would be to keep the backing on if you plan to move the lighting.

  18. Ultra bright

    Posted by Anonymous on 18th Jul 2011

    Installed these under my cabinet in my kitchen. good color and brightness but they did not go around corners too well so i had to cut them and rewire them... should have got the connectors.. haha

  19. Good product

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Jul 2011

    Brighter than I expected actually. Good product.

Warranty Information


Specifications for this Hybrid LED light kit

Product Hybrid Bright White/Warm White LED Strip Light
Color Temperature 2900K for Warm White and 6500K for Bright White
Lumen (Brightness) 3450 Lumens per reel
Quantity per unit You will receive a continuous 16ft section of lights
UL Listed? Yes UL Listed, Must be used with class 2 power transformer
Working Voltage 12v DC
Dimmability Fully Dimmable
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rigid or Flexible?

-Flexible installation up to 90 degrees. Used on curved surfaces

Power consumption 2.92 watts per foot
UV emission No
LED Count per reel 600 LEDs

2 years

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