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LED Strip Light Examples and Ideas 

LED strip lights produce a pure bright light, consume a low amount of electricity, and are customizable to any length. They can therefore be used in a variety of different projects and applications. Below are a few examples of installations that have used our superior LED lighting strips.

We believe in educating and helping our customers   Here is our Youtube LED Product Installation and Demonstration Guide

LED strip lights under cabinet example

Under Cabinet Lighting Examples

Easily create beautiful task lighting under cabinets and counters 
that is long lasting, affordable, and very easy to install.

LED strip light example display case commercial

Signage and Backlighting 

Commercial and industrial use LED strip lights
can be used to backlight signage for a much
brighter, economical, and longer lasting solution.


Accent Lighting / Coves

LED strip lights make it easy to achieve
sophisticated architectural designs at
a fraction of the cost and electricity.

LED strip light example game room ultra bright

UltraBright™ Task Lighting Examples

Our UltraBright™ LED strip lights are perfect
for everyday task lights. Replace your
fluorescent tubes with a small LED strip light.

outdoor led strip light example

Outdoor LED Strip Light Examples

Outdoor rated LED strip lights are
perfect for any outdoor and in harsh weather.
Easily install them in your backyard, patio, or business.

LED strip light example boat marine

Boat and Marine Lighting Examples

LED strip lights can be used to add a colored
hue around your boats, provide
task lighting in the galley or state rooms, or 
illuminate your outdoor deck for a party.

LED strip light customer project ideas

Other LED Strip Light Examples

Here are some other examples of customer
projects using premium strip lights from Flexfire

Flexfire LEDs linear LED strip lights are flexible and are able to be cut every inch or so. This means that you can place them just about anywhere your imagination allows. Our UltraBright™ series is the brightest LED strip lighting brand in its class.

Are we missing anything? Let us know if there are other LED strip light examples you would like to see.

Check out LEDs Magazine for some amazing lighting designs.

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