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ClickBright™ Accessories

$2.50 - $4.00

ClickBright™ Light Bar Accessories


To make installation even easier, we’ve designed special connectors and mounting clips made exclusively for ClickBright™ light bars. These compact connectors and clips are lightweight with long-lasting durability, so you never have to worry about messy installations. Keep your projects clean and tight.


If you want to make a corner connection, choose the L connector for left or right connections. These compact connectors will guarantee smooth, continuous lighting. Make sure to choose the correct CCT that corresponds with your light bar.
If you want to connect a light bar to a power supply or dimmer, choose the female power connector (C1 connector). Two options are available in 36”. One comes with bare wire on the end and the other has a female DC connector on the end.
If you want to connect two light bars together, choose the 6” or 24” middle connector (C2 connector) to jump small or large gaps in your projects.

Mounting Clips

These mounting clips will help attach ClickBright™ light bars to a surface. Each package comes with 10 metal mounting clips and 10 screws. The light bars easily snap onto each clip for durable mounting. When installing the clips onto ClickBright™ 1FT bars, make sure to leave about one inch of available on each end. When installing the clips onto the 2FT bars, make sure to about two inches of available space on each end.


  • Compatible with ClickBright™ light bars
  • L connectors available in all color temperatures
  • Power connectors available in 36” with or without female DC connector end
  • Jumper connectors available in 6” and 24”
  • Durable and compact design
  • Make painless connections
  • Easily jump gaps, turn corners and attach light bars
  • IP20-rated


Connector Specifications:

  • 24V DC input
  • 22 AWG wire
  • L Connector dimensions: 1 1/16” x 13/16” x 7/16”
  • C1 36” DC Connectordimensions: 37 ⅞” x ½” x 7/16”
  • C1 36” Connectordimensions: 36 7/16” x ½” x 7/16”
  • C2 6” Connector dimensions: 6 ⅞” x ½” x 7/16”
  • C2 24” Connectordimensions: 24 ⅞” x ½” x 7/16”
  • Package dimensions: 3 ¼” x ⅝” x 4 ¾”
  • Amperage limitation: 5 amps
  • IP20-rated

Mounting Clip Specifications:

  • Quantity per package: 10 mounting clips and 10 screws
  • Length: ½” (12mm)
  • Width: ⅜” (9.5mm)
  • Height: ¼” (5.2mm)
  • Package dimensions: 3 ¼” x ⅝” x 4 ¾”
  • IP20-rated


ClickBright™ Light Bar FAQ:

Q: What are the advantages of these accessories?

LED strip lights are flexible tape lights that are made with soft circuit boards and an adhesive backing. These two main features allow the strip lights to be bent, cut and mounted with ease. In contrast, LED light bars have a rigid PCB with the channel and connectors already built into the product. This guarantees seamless glows of light and extremely fast and easy connections

Q: Can I load the connectors with more than 5 amps?

It is not advisable to overload the connectors as this will result in future damages to the connectors and your setup.

Q: Which connector should I use to turn a corner?

Choose the L connector for corner installations to maintain a smooth, spotless line of light.

Q: Which connector should I use for a gap in my project?

You can use a jumper connector to jump small or large gaps in your project. There are two available sizes in 6” and 24”.

Q: Will the connectors account for the maximum run length?

No, the connectors will not affect voltage drop. The maximum run length only account for the length of the bars, not connectors.


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