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2-Way Terminal Block Connector (15 Amp) - [PACK OF 5]

Pack of 5 Connectors

2-Way Terminal Block Connector

15 Amp maximum power input

- Sold in packs of 5 connectors


Connecting 2 wires for LED strip lights installations are simple with this little tool. Installing extra wires from the LED solderless connectors with wire nuts or butt splices can be a pain and less reliable over time. For this reason we have a simple solution to make installing your LED strip lights easy. 

These screw terminals allow you to attach one section of wire to another, easily and effortlessly.

Installation Instructions

  1. Simply remove the excess material off of the wire to expose the bare wire and insert it into the terminal. Turn the screw until the wire is attached and secured.
  2. Repeat for all  terminals
  3. Test connections
  4. You are done!

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