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Zurik® EMLV Junction Box


Zurik® EMLV Junction Box


Give your professional installation a professional look with this junction box. Using this junction box together with your 30W or 60W Zurik® EMLV Electronic Dimmable LED Driver will keep all of your connections safe and out of sight.


  • ✔ Compatible with the Zurik® EMLV Electronic Dimmable LED Driver in 30W and 60W.

  • ✔ Dimensions - L: 13 ⅞” (350 mm) / W: 3 ⅛ ” (77mm) / H: 1 ½ ” (37mm)

  • ✔ 6 Standard ⅞” NPT Knockout holes: Easy access to wire, shielded in a vented casing.

  • ✔ UL Listed when used with the aforementioned drivers.

  • ✔ Available in white

Zurik® EMLV Junction Box Series LED strip light FAQ:

Q: What is a junction box?

A junction box is an electrical enclosure that securely unites multiple wires and cables through various ports of entry. Their main purpose is to keep people and animals away from live electrical connections, and to protect inside wiring from outside elements like moisture and dirt.

Q: Is this compatible with all Zurik® EMLV Electronic Dimmable LED Drivers?

No, this will only fit the 30 and 60W versions of the Zurik® EMLV Electronic Dimmable LED Driver.

Q: Do I have to use a junction box with my Zurik® EMLV Electronic Dimmable LED Driver?

The 30W and 60W versions of this driver are not required to be inside a junction box because its terminals are covered and there are not any exposed wires, but sometimes local inspections may require it. Using a junction box will also give your project a more professional look.


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