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6-way Terminal Block Connectors


6-Way Terminal Block Connectors


Connecting up to 6 wires for LED strip lights installations is very easy with this new block connector. This product is a great alternative to wire nuts or butt splices, which are a pain to install and are not the most reliable solution. These 6-way Terminal Block connectors allow you to attach one section of wire to another, easily and effortlessly; and are compatible with all our types of low-voltage wire, up to our 6-conductor wire, and with all of our strips including our ColorBright™ RGB + Dynamic Tunable White Series LED Strip Light.


  • Conveniently sold in packs of five connectors
  • 12-24V DC voltage range
  • 15 Amp maximum power input
  • Fits any wire between 14-22 AWG


These block connectors are ideal for any project making wire to wire connections for strips with up to 6-conductor wires.


  1. Simply remove the excess material off of the wire to expose the bare wire and insert it into the terminal. Turn the screw until the wire is attached and secured.
  2. Repeat for all terminals
  3. Test connections
  4. You are done!



  • 12-24V DC voltage range
  • 15 Amp maximum power input
  • Fits any wire between 14-22 AWG
  • Product Dimensions: 1 7/8" x 5/8" x 5/8" (46mm x 16mm x 16mm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these connectors rated for outdoor use?

No, these connectors are only meant for indoor use in dry spaces. If you need to use them in outdoor or damp areas, please buy one of our Outdoor Wire Terminal Boxes, which have one of these connectors inside.

Q: Is there a wire diameter limit in these block connectors?

Yes, these connectors will only fit wire that has between 12 AWG and 22 AWG in diameter.

Q: Is there a current limitation when using these connectors?

Each connector has a 15-amp current limit. Make sure to calculate the current of your set up when using a connector.

Q: Do these connectors fit inside your aluminum channels?

No. They would only fit inside our biggest channels like the GIZA and the LIPOD, but only if placed sideways, which is not ideal.



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