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Waterproof LED Strip Light Silicone Mounting Bracket for IP65 Strips - [PACK OF 5]

Pack of 5 brackets

Silicone Mounting Brackets for Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Silicone Mounting Brackets Example

These silicone mounting brackets are used to help secure outdoor LED strip lights on rough or wet surfaces where the 3M tape may not provide enough sticking power (un-sanded wood, concrete, etc.).

The translucence silicone design helps give it that hidden "invisible" look while not obstructing light from the strip. We recommend placing this silicone bracket between two LED chips. 

The hollow distance is 1/2 inch (12mm) wide and the screws are not included.

NOTE: These mounting brackets are not intended for use with our IP20, indoor-rated LED strip lights. They are designed to work well only with our IP65, outdoor-rated LED strip lights. 

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