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Three Prong Plug Power Cord


Three Prong Plug Power Cord

The three prong plug power cord is the perfect accessory to make your hardwired power supply into an easy plug and play unit. You simply splice the ground, neutral and live wires to the AC side of the low voltage power supply for a quick plug-in option. Since hardwired power supplies are designed to be connected directly to the AC line, you can use this power cord to test your setup or create a permanent plug and play solution.


Be sure the Three Prong Power Cord is safely connected to a device before plugging it into a wall outlet

Do not attach power cord directly to LED strip lights that requite a DC input. This will damage the LEDs and is also dangerous.


  • PVC jacket for safety
  • 4 ft long cord for long power extensions

Three Prong Plug Power Cord Specifications

  • PVC Plastic Jacket
  • Length: 4 feet

Three Prong Plug Power Cord Installation

1. Connect green wire to ground
2. Connect white wire to common (or neutral)
3. Connect black wire to hot (or live)

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