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3M VHB Adhesive Mounting Tape for Aluminum - 3M Brand 5915 Series - 100 ft Spool


3M VHB Adhesive Mounting Tape - 3M Brand 5915 Series - 100 ft Spool


For the contractor or DIYer who has a lot of aluminum channels to mount, but doesn’t have the time to deal with mounting screws, the 33 meter 3M Adhesive Spool will help you get the job done quickly. Simply clean your non-porous mounting surface, peel and stick the adhesive strip onto your aluminum fixture, and affix the fixture to your mounting surface.  Creates a strong, permanent bond that can withstand water and high heat.

Compatible with any of our flat base aluminum channels and ClickBright Light Bars.

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  • 3M Formula Used: 5915 VHB
  • Ideal Install Temperature: 20C to 40C
  • Operating Temperature: -35C to 90C
  • Environment: Indoor/Outdoor, no exposure to direct sunlight
  • Mounting Method:  Peel and Stick
  • Resistant To: Water and Saltwater
  • Full Bonding Time: 72 Hours
  • Ideal for Bonding To:  Non-porous surfaces such as Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Glass, Powder Coated Surfaces, Polycarbonate, Polyurethane, etc.
  • Spool Length: 33 meters
  • Spool Width: 10mm
  • Tape Height: 0.4mm
  • Core: Very Conformable Foam
  • Product Weight: 0.31 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I use this 3M strip?

You can use this strip on virtually any clean, non-porous surface, but 3M recommends it for the use of bonding materials such as aluminum, anodized aluminum, copper, stainless steel, glass, most powder coated surfaces, polycarbonate, polyurethane, and more.  Wiping down your substrate with rubbing alcohol when possible is a good practice before applying your adhesive strip.

This says it’s for aluminum channels, but can I use it for wet location strips?

No.  Each 3M adhesive is specifically designed to be used with specific materials and unfortunately our silicone wet location strips are not one of those materials.  When selecting an adhesive the most important part is to ensure that it will work with your substrate and the item that you are trying to mount.  Flexfire generally recommends using a strong silicone adhesive if you require an alternative to mounting clips for your strip light.

I really wanted to use this on wood or concrete.  Will it work?

The 3M 5915 adhesive is really only designed to work with non-porous surfaces.  Because the foam core is thin to create a seamless look between fixture and substrate, there isn’t enough adhesive or foam malleability to fill in the ridges of a porous surface.  If you do have a porous surface where this is needed, 3M recommends using a surface primer to fill in the pores of the substrate in order for a better bond to occur.  Keep in mind that this technique isn’t always perfect, however, and that you have to take into consideration the fact that you need to allow for surface expansion and contraction, especially when dealing with a lighting element or outdoor environment that will add heat to the surface.


Need assistance with your project or purchase? Our design specialists are ready to help. 

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