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(30) Mounting Clips with Screws


Side Mounting Clips and Screws for Non-Waterprood LED light strips

LED light strip mounting clip


The plastic mounting clips and metal screws add some additional mounting support for the adhesive backing on the rear of LED strip light. These are not required for all installation situations, but are useful on surfaces that the 3M adhesive may have difficulties adhering to. 

Each pack of mounting clips comes with (30) clips and (30) screws.


  • Select the appropriate size clip by matching the width of the strip you will use for your project and the width of the mounting clip's open area.
  • There are 2 options: 8mm and 10mm. The 8mm strips are for the ColorBright Single color and Hybrid series strip lights and the 10mm clips are for the UltraBright Series strip lights.
  • Using the metal screws, attach the mounting clip to the side of the strip, securing it in place. It is recommended to use a clip every 1 - 2 feet.
  • Depending of the density of the wood, you may have to pre-drill a guide hole to make sure the screw enters the mounting surface correctly.  

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