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Snap On Wire Connectors - 2 Wire T-Connector - [PACK OF 5]

Pack of 5 Connectors

Snap On Wire Connectors - 2 Wire T-Connector

Product information

This wire connector is used for splicing a parallel wire into an existing run. You do not have to expose the copper in the wire to use this product. The connector has a cutting mechanism inside and will cut and create a strong connection once it is crimped down and snapped together.

Wire Gauge #18- 22 AWG
Height 6.65mm
Length 25mm
Width 16.6mm 
Max Amperage 9A
Rated Voltage 300v
Peak Voltage  2.5kV
Housing material Polycarbonate

Connection guide for double wire T connector FF-CON-2-T

To use this connector:

  1. Open the top tray that has four-hole openings
  2. Place wire appropriately on the guides inside the tray so it runs through both sides of the top of the connector
  3. Push down the tray so it closes with the wires still in the correct position
  4. Using pliers, press hard on the top of the closed connector to secure the wire in place and snap the tray closed
  5. Open the bottom of the connector
  6. Prepare wires to be inserted into the bottom of the connector by cutting it flush with the wire casing
  7. Insert wire into the connector and make sure that the wire is pushed all the way to the back of the connector (critical step)
  8. Once you have confirmed that the wire has been pushed all the way to the back and is lined up correctly press the connector tray down with pliers to secure the connection 

If you need assistance with this product or any project, please contact our design team. 

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